Mechanical Engineering

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Professor Robert Pitz Vanderbilt University, USA
Thermodynamics, Combustion, Laser Diagnostics, Gas Dynamics
Dr Mark Reeves MRA Technology Limited, UK
Biomedical Device Engineering, Sensing and Data Intergration
Dr Hezy Ram Ram Energy Inc, Israel
Geotherman Engineering and Project Development
Professor R Edwin Garcia Purdue University, USA
Computational Materials Science and Engineering, Development of Open-Source Computational Tools and Integration of Computational Tools into Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching
Professor Emeritus Michael Brandemuehl University of Colorado, USA
The Modelling and Simulation of HVAC&R Systems
Professor Timothy Weihs John Hopkins University, USA
Materials Science and Engineering (Reactive Materials, Structural Materials, Thin Films, Woven Materials, Biomaterials)
Dr Daniel Lewis Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Materials Science and Engineering
Dr Thomas Sattel Technische Universitat Ilmenau, Germany
Mechatronics, Actuators and Motors, Electromechanical Transducers, Dynamics and Vibrations, Electromagnetic systems
Professor Yuris Dzenis University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA
Advanced composites, nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing processes, structural and multifunctional materials
Dr Alec Groysman Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Corrosion, corrosion control, and corrosion monitoring in oil refining industry
Professor James Feng University of British Columbia, Canada
Fluid Dynamics, Biomedical Engineering, Mathematical Biology
Professor Jerzy Floryan The University of Western Ontario, Canada
Fluid mechanics, flow control, hydrodynamic stability, computational fluid mechanics
Associate Professor James E. Wittig Vanderbilt University, USA
Failure analysis of engineering materials, structure-property processing relationships of mechanical, magnetic and electronic materials
Professor Norman Dowling Virginia Polytechnic, USA
Mechanical behaviour of materials
Professor Christian Puttlitz Colorado State University, USA
Biomechanics, biomedical engineering
Professor Raghu Echempati Kettering University, USA
Mechanical design and analysis
Professor Christian Puttlitz Colorado State University, USA
Fluid mechanics; particle laden flows; human breathing; turbulence modeling; aerodynamics
Mr Yeheskel (Hezy) Ram Ram Energy Inc, USA
Geothermal engineering and project development
Professor Wen-Hwa Wu National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan
Dynamics & vibrations; sensing & instrumentation; structural health monitoring; structural control; soil-structure interaction
Professor Jack Zable University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Industry relations
Associate Professor Alessandra Luati University of Bologna, Italy
Mathematical statistics; asymptotic theory; statistical inference; time series analysis
Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen Technical Uni.of Denmark, Denmark 
Engineering design & product development including: engineering knowledge management, emotional design, design thinking
Professor Jeremy Astley University of Southampton, UK 
Finite element methods; computational acoustics; aero acoustics of gas turbine engines
Dr Nicholas Baines Concepts NREC, UK
Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of flows in turbomachines
Ms Louise Hamlin NASA-Caltech JPL, USA
Astronomical & earth-sensing instruments & missions; aeronautical engineering; rocket propulsion
Dr John Shrimpton University of Southampton, UK
Fluid mechanics; particle laden flows; human breathing; turbulence modelling; aerodynamics
Professor Norman E Dowling Virginia Polytech Institute & State University, USA 
Mechanical behaviour of materials
Associate Professor R Edwin Garcia Purdue University, USA 
Computational materials science; development of open-source computational tools & integration of computational tools into undergraduate teaching
Professor Phillip Joseph University of Southampton, UK 
Acoustics and vibration including active noise and vibration control
Professor Scott Post Bradley University, USA
Thermodynamics; fluid mechanics; heat transfer; instrumentation and measurements; numerical methods; aerodynamics; droplet coalition
Dr Digby SYMONS University of Cambridge, UK
Mechanical engineering design
Professor Dr.-Ing Dr h.c. Sándor Vajna University of Magdeburg, Germany 
Integrated product development/integrated design engineering; product modelling; autogenetic design theory; process & project management
Professor Philip Gaskell University of Leeds, UK 
Fluid mechanics; aerodynamics; applied mathematics; modelling and simulation; multiphase flows; thin films; combustion.
Professor Anthony J. Petrella Colorado School of Mines, USA 
Computational biomechanics
Associate Professor Scott Post Bradley University, USA 
Thermodynamics; fluid mechanics; heat transfer; instrumentation and measurements; numerical methods; aerodynamics; droplet coalition
Professor Philip Doepker University of Dayton, USA 
Mechanical design; structural mechanics; engineering education; product development and education
Professor Norman Dowling Virginia Tech Institute & State University, USA 
Mechanical behaviour of materials
Professor William Hofmeister University of Tennessee Space Institute & Vanderbilt University, USA 
Materials and manufacturing
Professor Arvin Agah University of Kansas, USA 
Cognitive robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile sensors and instrumentation, intelligent systems
Professor Yuris Dzenis University of Nebraska, USA 
Advanced nanomaterials, nanomanufacturing processes, structural composites, intelligent predictive NDE
Professor Colin Hansen University of Adelaide, Australia 
Acoustics & vibration including active noise & vibration control
Professor Anil Saigal Tufts University, USA 
Materials science
Professor Steven van Sciver Florida State University, USA 
Cryogenics (fluid flow; heat and mass transfer; properties of materials and fluids)
Professor Ronald Dougherty University of Kansas, USA 
Particulates; radiative heat transfer; light scattering; thermofluids
Associate Professor Mark R Garnich University of Wyoming, USA 
Mechanics of materials: composite materials, multicontinuum theories, multi-scale analyses, numerical modelling, micromechanics
Professor Tony Medland University of Bath, UK 
Engineering design; human modelling
Professor Clarence De Silva University of British Columbia, Canada 
Mechatronics; robotics; vibration; control
Professor Colin Hansen University of Adelaide, Australia 
Active & passive noise & vibration control
Dr Dietmar Hietel Fraunhofer ITWM, Germany 
Mathematical modelling; numerical methods for PDEs; fluid dynamics; conservation laws; numerical linear algebra; fluid-structure interaction; CFD - tools 
Professor Takami Yamaguchi Tohoku University, Japan 
Bioengineering; biological fluid dynamics 
Dr Douglas M Matson Tufts University, USA 
Sustainability engineering; material engineering & design 
Professor R Jeremy Astley University of Southampton, UK 
Finite elements methods; computational aero acoustics (CAA) and acoustic-structural interaction
Dr George Spanos Naval Research Laboratory, USA 
Physical metallurgy; welding; carbon steel; dual phase steel and stainless steel; EBSD and 3D imaging
Associate Professor Lars Wingard KTH, Stockholm, Sweden 
Computer aided design and manufacturing; production engineering 
Professor Jeong-Guon Ih KAIST, Korea
Acoustics (Noise and vibration control)
Associate Professor Richard A King Oregon Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Clement Kleinstreuer North Carolina State University, USA
Mechanical Engineering; fluid dynamics; chemical & environmental engineering
Professor Brian R Mace University of Southampton, UK
Structural dynamics; vibrations; smart structures; dynamic modelling; uncertainty in structural dynamics; waves in structures
Dr Steen Andreassen Aalborg University, Denmark
Biomedical engineering; medical informatics; physiological modelling
Professor Ken Brodlie University of Leeds, UK
Visualization systems and algorithms; virtual environments
Professor P John Clarkson University of Cambridge, UK
Process improvement; design evaluation; inclusive design
Dr Russell H Jones Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Environmental effects on the crack growth of materials
Professor Alan Cummings University of Hull, UK
Acoustics and fluid mechanics
Professor Philip E Doepker University of Dayton, USA
Engineering education; product development
Professor Joseph A King Harvey Mudd College, USA
Metallurgy; aerospace materials; manufacturing; final year project program
Professor Masayuki Kondo Yokohama National University, Japan
Innovation policies; R & D investment and evaluation; technology strategy in developing countries
Professor Ken M Wallace University of Cambridge, UK
Engineering design
Professor John Billingsley University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Teaching and researching mechatronics
Professor Neal P Juster University of Strathclyde, UK
Functional & assembly modelling; computer based tolerance representation, concurrent eng; design for X; STEP & CALS; rapid prototyping
Mr George F Vander Voort Buehler Ltd, USA
Metallurgy, failure analysis and metallography
Professor Peter Hagedorn "Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany"
Mechanics, dynamics, robotics and control
Assoc. Professor Richard Fung City University of Hong Kong
Engineering Management
Professor Thomas A Furness University of Washington, USA
Virtual reality systems; human interface technology
Professor Anthony J Medland University of Bath, UK
Engineering design; design methodology and constraint-based designs
Associate Professor Peter Wild Queen's University, Canada
Design theory and methodologies; Innovative mechanical design
Professor Thomas L Geers University of Colorado, USA
Acoustics, numerical methods
Dr Aleksandar Subic RMIT University, Australia
Mechanical design, machine dynamics and vibration
Professor David E Claridge Texas A and M University
Heat transfer in buildings; monitoring and analysing energy use; expert system applications in buildings
Professor Yuris Dzenis University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Composite and polymeric materials
Dr Crispin Hales Hales and Gooch Ltd
Design methodology; forensic engineering; design for safety and reliability
Professor Peter A Rosati The Un. of Western Ontario
Engineering education; learning styles and personality types of engineering students
Professor Alexander H Slocum Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
Precision machine design
Prof Dan B DeBra Stanford University
Precision mechanical engineering; instrumentation & control; satellite tests of the general theory of relativity
Prof. Em. Stuart M Dickinson The University of Western Ontario
Vibrations and stability of structures
Assoc Prof Ken R Fyfe University of Alberta
Computation accoustics
Prof Dr Peter Hagedorn Institut for Mechanik
Dynamics and vibration
Dr Antony R Mileham University of Bath
Design and simulation of manufacturing systems; management of technology innovation; risk management
Dr George Spanos US Naval Research Laboratory
Materials science and technology
Prof Walter Eversman University of Missouri - Rolla
Aerodynamics; aeroaccoustics; fluid dynamics