Mathematics and Statistics

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Dr Teodor Burghelea Laboratoire de Thermique et Energie de Nantes, France
Rheology, Non-Newtonian Fluid mechanics, Complex systems
Dr Everett Howe Independent Mathematician
Arithmetic geometry, number theory, computation
Professor Peter Smith Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Stochastic modelling
Professor Katherine St John Hunter College, City University of New York, USA
Mathematical Biology, Random Structures & Algorithms
Professor Magnus Bordewich Durham University, UK
Mathematical and computational methods in phylogenetics, Markov hain Monte Carlo methods, Combinatorics
Professor Glen Van Brummelen Quest University, Canada
History of Mathematics, Mathematical Pedagogy, Mathematics Education
Professor Bodo Rosenhahn Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Digital Signal Processing
Professor John Hinde University of Galway, Ireland
Methodology, Computation, and Application of Statistical Modelling with a focus of Biostatistics
Professor Mat Simpson Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Biology
Associate Professor Michel Lavrauw Sabanci University, Turkey
Combinaorics, algebra, Galois geometry, finite geometry, incidence geometry, finite fields and coding theory
Associate Professor Regina Burachik University of South Australia, Australia
Smooth, non-smooth and global optimization, interior points methods, convex and variational analysis
Professor Stefano de Marchi University of Padova, Italy
Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis
Associate Professor Frank D'Amico Université de Pau et Pays de L'Ardour (UPPA), France
Environmental Statistics
Professor Christopher Bose University of Victoria, Canada
Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
Professor Petrus Potgieter University of South Africa, South Africa
Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Economics
Professor Octavio Manero-Brito National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
Rheology, Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
Assistant Professor Bianca Viray University of Washington, USA
Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Professor Markus Stroppel University of Stuttgart, Germany
Topology, Geometry, Lie groups, Mathematics for engineering students
Professor Richard Law University of York, UK
Mathematical Modelling in Ecology, Size-structured Population Models, PDEs, Spatial Moment Dynamics, Individual-based Stochastic Models
Professor Glen Van Brummelen Quest University, Canada
History of Mathematics
Professor Alberto Roverato University of Bologna, Italy
Graphical Models, Bayesian Statistics, Genetic Algorithms
Professor John Hinde National University of Ireland
Methodology, computation and application of statistical modelling
Professor Andrew Francis Western Sydney University
Algebra, combinatorics, mathematical biology
Professor Timothy Robinson University of Wyoming, USA
Applied statistics
DR THOMAS FORSTER University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Krishna Ramasubramanian Indian Institute of Technology
History of mathematical astronomy
Dr Wolfgang Graf Zu Castell-Rudenhausen Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen, Germany
Approximation theory, kernel based methods, special functions, learning with kernels
Professor Huaxiong Huang York University, Canada
Industrial mathematics, fluid mathematics, scientific computing, mathematical modelling
Dr Magnus Bordewich University of Durham, UK
Mathematics, particularly enumerative combinatorics, randomised algorithms, Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling techniques, & phylogenetics
Professor Ian Frigaard University of British Columbia, Canada
Applied mathematics; non-Newtonian fluid mechanics
Dr Jon Pitchford University of York, UK
Mathematical Ecology
Professor Helen Byrne University of Oxford, UK
Applied mathematics; dynamica systems as applied to biomathematics and modelling cancer growth
Professor Gary Froyland University of New South Wales, Australia
Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, with geophysical applications
Associate Professor Alessandra Luati University of Bologna, Italy
Mathematical statistics; asymptotic theory; statistical inference; time series analysis
Professor Warwick Tucker Uppsala University, Sweden
Computational and pure mathematics (including statistical parameter estimation for nonlinear dynamical systems)
Professor Elizabeth S Allman University of Alaska, USA
Techniques of phylogenetic tree construction, models of evolution, computational algebraic statistics, Galois theory
Professor Dr Martin Buhmann Justus-Liebig Universitat, Giessen, Germany 
Approximation theory; numerical analysis
Professor Sean Cleary City College of New York, USA
Geometric group theory; combinatorial group theory; computational group theory; algebraic combinatorics; applications to tree distances
Professor Peter Olsson Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 
Direct and inverse problems for mechanical waves in solids and structures
Professor Carey Priebe John Hopkins University, USA 
Computational statistics; kernel & mixture models; statistical pattern recognition; image analysis & inference for hi-dimensional & graph data
Dr Frank D'Amico Université de Pau & Pays de l’Adour,France
Spatial temporal ecological modelling
Professor Huaxiong Huang York University, Canada 
Industrial and biological mathematical modelling
Professor Hajime Ishihara Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Japan
Theoretical computer science; proof theory; constructive mathematics
Professor Richard Law University of York, UK 
Ecology; evolution; mathematics
Professor Markus Stroppel University of Stuttgart, Germany 
Topology; geometry; Lie groups; mathematics for engineering students
Emeritus Professor Victor J Katz University of District of Columbia, USA
History of mathematics and in its use in teaching
Dr Jonathan Pitchford University of York, UK 
Mathematical biology including population dynamics
Professor Warwick Tucker Uppsala University, Sweden
Computer-aided proofs in analysis and parameter estimation
Professor Lisa Carbone  - Joint Fellowship Rutgers University, USA 
Automorphisms of trees, lattices, Kac-Moody groups, applications to high-energy physics
Professor Konstantin Mischaikow - Joint Fellowship Rutgers University, USA 
Dynamical systems, computational homology and dynamics, mathematical biology
Professor Hans Feichtinger University of Vienna, Austria
Mathematics (wavelets/harmonic analysis)
Professor James Oxley Louisiana State University, USA
Professor Tommaso Proietti University of Rome, Italy
Time series analysis, forecasting, seasonal adjustment
Professor Glen van Brummelen Quest University, Canada
Mathematics; history of mathematics
Dr Wolfgang Graf zu Castell-Rűdenhausen Helmholtz Zentrum Műnchen, Germany 
Kernel based methods with applications to approximation, spatial statistics & machine learning; special functions
Professor Huaxiong Huang York University, Canada 
Mathematical modelling & scientific computing; financial & industrial mathematics; biomathematics; fluid mechanics
Professor Carey Priebe John Hopkins University, USA 
Computational stats; kernel & mixture estimates; statistical pattern recognition and image analysis & statistical inference high dimensional and graph data
Associate Professor John A Rhodes University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 
Mathematical biology; phylogenetics; applications of algebra to statistical models
Dr Michael C Bartholomew-Biggs University of Hertfordshire, UK 
Numerical optimization - algorithm development and applications.
Professor Ronald Christensen University of New Mexico, USA 
Statistics of: Linear models, Bayesian inference, log-linear & logistic regression models, statistical methods
Professor Angus Macintyre Queen Mary University of London, UK 
Algebra; logic; combinatorics
Professor Horst Malchow University of Osnabrück, Germany 
Theory & computer simulation of self-organisation in nonlinear biological, ecological, chemical & physical systems far from equilibrium
Professor Brian Sleeman University of Leeds, UK 
Mathematical biology; applied analysis; nonlinear dynamics; scattering theory; inverse problems
Professor Gerhard Kristensson Lund University, Sweden 
Electromagnetic wave propagation theory; inverse scattering; homogenisation theory; partial differential equations; antenna theory
Professor Richard Law York University, UK 
Mathematical modelling of ecological systems
Professor Lyman L McDonald WEST Inc., USA 
Biometrics specialising in sampling of biological communities, computer intensive methods, capture-recapture statistics and multivariate analysis
Professor Hendrik Van Maldeghem Ghent University, Belgium 
Generalised polygons; buildings; combinatorics; algebra
Professor Stephen J Gardiner University College of Dublin, Ireland
Potential theory; function theory; harmonic approximation
Professor Daniel Huson Tübingen University, Germany
Bioinformatics; mathematical biology; algorithms; genomics
Professor Jeremy Levesley University of Leicester, UK
Professor Domenico Piccolo Université di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Time Series analysis; statistical methods for preference analysis
Professor Christian Robert University Paris Dauphine, France
Bayesian and computational statistics
Associate Professor Richard S Laugesen University of Illinois, USA
Professor Vincent Moulton University of East Anglia, UK
Professor Daniel Naiman John Hopkins University, USA
Statistical inference and computations; probability and geometry
Dr Burkard Polster Monash University, Australia
Professor J A Dominic Welsh University of Oxford, UK
Professor Jon Chapman University of Oxford, UK
Industrial mathematics; mathematical modelling/finance; partial differential equations; fluid & solid mechanics; models in developmental biology
Professor John E Dennis Jr Rice University, USA
Optimisation; applications of optimisation in engineering
Professor Andreas Dress University Bielefeld, Germany
Combinatorics; algebra; mathematical biology; bioinformatics; combinatorial chemistry
Dr Chris Glasbey BIOSS, UK
Statistical spatio-temporal modelling of climate; image methods in spatio-temporal analysis; image analysis; DNA microarrays
Professor Willy Hereman Colorado School of Mines, USA
Algebraic computing; differential equations; wavelets
Professor Joe N Perry IACR-Rothamsted, UK
Applied statistics in entomology and ecology; spatial and temporal dynamics of populations
Professor Dr Ranier Löwen TU Braunschweig, Germany
Geometry; topology; lie groups
Professor Brian D Sleeman University of Leeds, UK
Mathematical biology; inverse problems; mathematical wave theory; applied mathematics
Professor Philippe Toint University of Namur (FUNDP), Belgium
Numerical linear algebra; numerical optimisaton and nonlinear problems
Professor John L Casti Technische Universität, Austria & Santa Fe Institute, USA
Mathematical systems theory; scientific exposition
Professor John E Dennis Jr Rice University, USA
Dr Jeremy Levesley University of Leicester, UK
Mathematics - specialist in numerical analysis and approximation theory
Professor Fred Richman Florida Atlantic University, USA
Infinite abelian group theory; constructive algebra
Assoc. Professor Noriaki Suzuki Nagoya University, Japan
Potential theory of partial differential operators
Dr Granville Tunnicliffe-Wilson Lancaster University, UK
Time series analysis; non parametric statistics
Professor Konstantin Beidar National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan
Algebra esp. ring theory; multi-linear identities for rings
Professor James W P Hirschfeld University of Sussex, UK
Finite geometry; algebraic geometry; coding theory
Professor Carlos E Kenig University of Chicago, USA
Harmonic analysis; partial differential equations
Assoc Prof David A Smith Duke University, USA
Mathematics and technology; calculus reform; mathematics as a laboratory subject
Professor John Guckenheimer Cornell University, USA
Numerical methods of dynamical systems and bifurication analysis; non-linear systems
Dr Hilary Ockendon University of Oxford, UK
Industrial mathematics; fluid dynamics; theory of partial differential equations
Dr Paul T Barrett University of Liverpool, UK
Statistics - multivariate and psychometrics; individual differences inc. personality theory; intelligence testing
Professor Dr Dirk van Dalen Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Netherlands
Mathematical logic; history, philosophy and foundations of mathematics
Prof Mark Boyce Un. of Wisconsin at Stevens Point
Mathematical ecology.
Prof Lou Fishman University of New Orleans
Mathematics of wave propagation.
Associate Prof Jotun Hein University of Aarhus, Denmark
DNA sequence analysis; computational biology; population genetics
Prof Edward B Saff University of South Florida
Approximation theory; potential theory; orthogonal polynomials; complex analysis; numerical dualysis
Prof Joseph A F Thas University of Ghent
Finite geometry; generalised quadrangles.
Prof John E Dennis Rice University
Optimization; nonlinear equations; parallel computation
Prof William A Light University of Leicester
Approximation theory; numerical analysis; functional analysis
Prof Zelada B Zabinsky University of Washington
Global optimization methodologies; random search optimization techniques and probabilistic analysis of algorithm complexity