Geological Sciences

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Associate Professor Kevin Norton Victoria University of Wellington, NZ                                                                                                               Geomorphology, Geochronology
Associate Professor William Amidon Middlebury College, USA
Tectonic Geomorphology and Geochronology
Professor Eric Cowgill University of California, USA
Structural Geology and Tectonics
Professor Kari Cooper University of California, USA
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Geochemistry
Professor David Smith Smith College, USA
Coastal Marine Ecology, Marine Bioinvasion, Environmental Change, Conservation Biology
Professor Harry Jol University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire, USA
Near Surface Geophysics, Geophysical Imaging, Geomorphology, Remote Sensing
Professor James Faulds University of Nevada, USA
Structural Geology, Techtonics, Geothermal Systems, Geological Mapping
Associate Professor Guilherme Gualda Vanderbilt University, USA
Dr Michael Heap University of Strasbourg, France
Rock Fluid and Physics/Mechanics and Hydrogeology
Dr Carina Fearnley University College London, UK
Disaster Risk Management with a Focus on Natural Hazards Warning Systems and Risk Communication
Professor John Walsh University College Dublin, Ireland
Structural Geology and Petroleum Geology
Professor Paul Santi Colorado School of Mines, USA
Engineering geology
Professors Paul Fitzgerald and Suzanne Baldwin Syracuse University, USA
Tectonics, orogenic evolution and long-term landscape development (Fitzgerald). Pressure-temperature-time-deformation (P-T-t-D) evolution of crustal terrains (Baldwin)
Professor Eric Hiatt University of Wisconsin, USA
Chemical sedimentology and biogeochemistry
Professor Rachel Beane Bowdoin College, USA
Mineral science with emphasis in ductile deformation and igneous processes
Professor J Dykstra Eusden Bates College, USA
Structural geology and regional tectonics
Dr Simon Brocklehurst University of Manchester, UK
Glacial geomorphology, landscape processes
Professor Mary Comerio University of California, Berkeley, USA
Costs and benefits of seismic rehabilitation for existing buildings (particularly housing), post-disaster recovery and reconstruction and loss modelling
Professor Jerry Fairley University of Idaho, USA
Mr Mark Eggers Pells Sullivan Meynink, Australia
Engineering geology
Associate Professor Andrew D. Jacobson Northwestern University, USA
Aqueous and isotope geochemistry
Professor Thomas Gardner Trinity University, USA
Active tectonics; quaternary geology; hydrology; earth surface processes; environmental geology in Costa Rica, Australia and California
Associate Professor Noah Snyder Boston College, USA
River morphology and behaviour, sedimentation and response to climatic and tectonic drivers
Dr Michael O'Neal University of Delaware, USA
Quaternary geology, climatic geomorphology, earth surface processes, geochronology, remote sensing, geographic information, geologic mapping
Professor Kevin Furlong Pennsylvania State University, USA
Lithospheric geodynamics, geologic hazards; mathematical modelling and geophysics
Dr Douglas Burbank University of California Santa Barbara, USA 
Tectonic geomorphology, collisional mountain belts, stratigraphic and geomorphic records of global change
Professor Glenn Thackray Idaho State University, USA 
Quaternary and glacial geology; active tectonics and paleoseismology; hydrogeology; remote sensing
Dr Kenneth Hewitt Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 
Societies at risk & in disaster; landslide & glacial geomorphology; high mountain environments; peace research; regional specialisation
Dr James A McKean USDA Forest Service, USA 
Geomorphology & landscape evolution; LIDAR Data Analysis; cosmogenic dating; geotechnical engineering
Associate Professor Paul M Santi Colorado School of Mines, USA 
Engineering geology; engineering geomorphology; geological engineering; geotechnical engineering
Dr Oliver Korup Swiss Federal Institute, Switzerland 
Slope-failure & channel processes in bedrock landscapes; high mountain & tectonic geomorphology
Professor Robert A. Wiebe Franklin & Marshall College, U.S.A.
Mineralogy; igneous petrology; volcanology.
Professor E Art Bettis III University of Iowa, USA
Quaternary geology, environmental geoscience and geoarcheology
Professor William J McGuire University College London, UK
Assoc Prof Rebecca J Dorsey University of Oregon, USA
Sedimentology; stratigraphy; basin analysis; tectonics
Dr Romeo M Flores US Geological Survey, USA
Sedimentology; petroleum geology; coal geology
Professor John Garver Union College, USA
Applications of fission track geochronology to sedimentology and sedimentary basin development
Dr Harry M Jol University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, USA
Ground penetrating radar (GPR); GIS and remote sensing/mapping of the environment
Assistant Professor Basil Tikoff University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Structure; tectonics; strike-slip transpresssional settings; pluton emplacement; strain partitioning
Professor J Dykstra Eusden Bates College, USA
Tectonics and structural geology
Professor Dr Alan G Green Institute of Geophysics, Switzerland
Near-surface geophysics, especially high-resolution seismic reflection data & ground-penetrating radar acquisition and processing
Professor Gérard Bossière Université de Nantes, France
Geochemistry re metamorphic rocks, nature of polished rock surfaces; pseudotachylytes; ceramics; geological materials use
Professor Adolf Seilacher University of Tübingen, Germany
Invertebrate palaeontology; sedimentation, precambrian life
Dr Maria Mastalerz Indiana University
Coal geology; organic and inorganic geochemistry
Prof Ralph J Archuleta University of California
Seismology and strong ground motion studies; earthquake dynamics & tectonics of Sth California
Prof Bernard E Leake Cardiff University
Petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks; mineralogy of the amphibole group
Prof G Nelson Eby University of Massachusetts
Igneous petrology and geochemistry; environmental chemistry
Prof James Gill University of California at Santa Cruz
Petrology & geochemistry of igneous rocks, esp. applications of radiogenic isotopes to geological problems