Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

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Associate Professor Mustafa Mashal Idaho State University, USA
Structural and Earthquake Engineering
Professor Dragos Andrei California State Polytechnic University 
Pavement Engineering
Dr Ruggiero Lovreglio Massey University (Auckland), NZ
Modelling and simulation of human behaviour in disasters
Professor Patrick Zou Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Sustainable Building & Construction; Safety Management, Risk Management; Building Energy Modelling & Analysis; Building Information Modeling (BIM); Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure
Professor Thomas O'Rourke Cornell University, USA
Geotechnical Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Lifeline Engineering
Professor Jonathan Stewart University of California Los Angeles, USA
Earthquake Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Patrick Paultre Universite de Sherbrooke, Canada
Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering
Professor Patrick Heffernan Royal Military College of Canada, Canada
Structural Engineering with Specialization in: Advanced composites in structures, blast loading on structures, resilience of critical infrastructure and protective design
Professor James Mihelcic University of South Florida, USA
Humanitarian and Development Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Professor Steven Kramer University of Washington, USA
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Professor Michael Delichatsios University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
Combustion, Fire Safety Engineering, Fire Science, Fire Risk Analysis
Professor David Hill Baylor University, USA
Water Resources Engineering/Sustainable Water and Energy Systems; Humanitarian Engineering
Professor Kendra Sharp Baylor University, USA
Water Resources Engineering/Sustainable Water and Energy Systems; Humanitarian Engineering
Dr David Baska University of Washington, USA
Professional Practice, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Engineering Seismology
Professor Santiago Pujol Purude University, USA
Earthquake Engineering, Reinforced Concrete Structures
Dr Giuseppe Modoni  University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy
Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering
Dr Simon Eveson University of York, UK
Mathematical Analysis, Computational Wave Propagation and High Performance Computing
Professor Bruce Kutter University of California Davis, USA
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Professor Michael Griffith University of Adelaide, Australia
Earthquake Engineering of Masonry Structures
Professor Susan Masten Michigan State University, USA
Drinking Water Treatment, Environmental Engineering
Professor Bryan Karney University of Toronto, Canada
Hydraulics, Transients and Unsteady Flow, Energy Systems, Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Professor Philip Yen Tongji University, China
Structural/Earthquake Bridge Engineering
Professor Michael Delichatsios University of Ulster, UK
Combustion, Fire Safety Engineering
Professor Thomas Boothby Pennsylvania State University
Integrated Design of Whole Buildings
Professor Benjamin Heydecker University College London, UK
Transport Studies
Professor Andre Filiatrault State Universty of New York at Buffalo, USA
Seismic Performance of Non-Structural Elements
Professor David Hill Oregon State University, USA
Maths, Hydraulics and Hydrology
Professor Kendra Sharp Oregon State University, USA
Humanitarian Engineering
Associate Professor Brady Cox University of Texas, USA 
Earthquake Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Frank Lam University of British Columbia, Canada
Timber Engineering
Professor Jonathan Bray UC Berkeley, USA
Earthquake Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Laurie McNeill Utah State University, USA
Drinking Water Treatment, Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor Carlo Lai University of Pavia, Italy
Engineering, Engineering Seismology<
Professor Michael Thomas University of New Brunswick, Canada
Concrete materials, infrastructure repairs
Professor Hennes A J De Ridder TU Delft, Netherlands
Design and Construction Management, Risk Management,Project Management, Procurement
Professor Adrian Rodriguez-Marek Virginia Tech, USA
Geotechnical earthquake engineering, site responsive analysis, probabilistic seismic hazard assessment, risk analysis of geotechnical systems
Professor Ian Burgess University of Sheffield, UK
Structural fire engineering
Professor Russell Green Virginia Tech University, USA
Liquefaction triggering,manifestation and impacts. Geotechnical earthquake engineering
Professor Charles Jahren Iowa State University of Science and Technology, USA
Construction Management, Construction Equipment, Hybrid Learnng
Associate Professor James Stone South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA
Environmental Engineering (fate and transport of trace metals in the environment)
Professor Hugo Corres Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Structural Engineering with focus on conceptual design, integration with architectural design, bridge engineering with reinforced concrete structures
Professor Jack Baker Stanford University, USA
Earthquake-induced ground motion characterisation; applications of probability & statistics in civil engineering
Dr Claudia Cenedese Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Environmental engineering, contaminated site remediation, phytoremediation
Professor Greg Deierlein Stanford University, USA
Structural engineering; earthquake engineering
Professor Norbert Delatte Cleveland State University, USA
Forensic civil engineering; engineering professional issues; engineering history; concrete pavements
Professor Thomas D O'Rourke Cornell University, USA
Geotechnical engineering; earthquake engineering; lifeline engineering
Professor Marco Savoia University of Bologna, Italy
Structural & earthquake engineering; structural identification & health monitoring; reinforced concrete design & assessment; composite materials.
Professor Daniel Abrams University of Illinois, USA
Structural engineering; earthquake engineering; masonry
Dr Joel Burken Missouri University of Science & Technology, USA
Environmental engineering, contaminated site remediation, phytoremediation
Professor Rachel Davidson University of Delaware, USA
Risk analysis; natural hazards; engineering decision making
Professor Michael Mamlouk Arizona State University, USA
Pavement design, evaluation & maintenance; material characterisation; road asset management; rehabilitation design; pavement modelling
Associate Professor Angela Bielefeldt University of Colorado, USA
Environmental engineering (drinking water treatment, bioremediation); engineering education
Dr Alex Copping University of Bath, UK
Construction management and fire engineering
Dr Peter Cumber Heriot-Watt University, UK
Industrial safety
Professor John Parkin London South Bank University, UK
Transport engineering and planning, engineering design
Associate Professor James Stone South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, USA
Environmental engineering (fate and transport of trace metals in the environment)
Professor Jonathan D. Bray University of California, Berkeley, USA
Earthquake engineering and geotechnical engineering
Professor Ian Buckle
Earthquake Fellowship
University of Nevada, USA
Seismic design & retrofit criteria for bridges incl earthquake protective systems; full-scale field lge-scale lab testing; exp in earthquake reconnaissance missions
Professor Jonathan Fannin University of British Columbia, Canada 
Geosynthetics & soil reinforcement, landslides and debris flows, seepage erosion of earth dams
Professor Russell Green
Earthquake Fellowship
Virginia Tech, USA 
Earthquake engineering and geotechnical engineering
Professor Bryan Karney University of Toronto, Canada 
Engineering hydraulic and transient analysis; energy systems; engineering education
Professor Mark Loewen University of Alberta, Canada
Environmental fluid mechanics and hydraulics
Professor Sue McNeil University of Delaware, USA
Infrastructure asset management; transportation engineering; disaster science and management
Associate Professor Fabio Biondini Technical University of Milan, Italy
Computational methods for concrete structures; life-cycle reliability and optimization of structural systems; earthquake engineering
Professor Jonathan Fannin University of British Columbia, Canada 
Geosynthetics & soil reinforcement, landslides and debris flows, seepage erosion of earth dams
Professor Thian Yew Gan University of Alberta, Canada 
Water resources planning & management, advanced surface hydrology, mapping/modelling water quality & quantity, stochastic processes of hydrology
Professor Roberto Leon Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 
Behaviour and design of steel and composite structures under seismic actions
Professor Say Kee Ong Iowa State University, USA
Wastewater treatment; site remediation; pollutant transport; fate of contaminants, antibiotics, and estrogens
Professor Michel Bruneau University at Buffalo, USA
Behaviour of structural systems with particular emphasis on earthquake engineering
Professor Alfred Shalom Hakkert Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel 
Traffic engineering and road safety
Professor David Purser Hartford Environmental Research, UK 
Human behaviour in fire, toxicology of combustion products, fire chemistry, fire investigation & litigation, environmental hazards of combustion products
Professor David Scott Curtin University of Technology, Australia 
Construction management-economic evaluation, development technology, monitoring & controlling project costs, management techniques, feasibility & planning
Professor Daniel Yoder University of Tennessee, USA
Hydrologic monitoring and modelling, emphasizing soil erosion/delivery  and water quality
Professor Peter Fajfar University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Static and modal methods of dynamic analysis, response history analysis, ADRS analysis, IDA and CSM of seismic analysis
Professor Doug Gransberg University of Oklahoma, USA 
Construction engineering management including cost estimation, construction finance, project management & control, quality management
Professor Colin Smith University of Sheffield, UK 
Discontinuity layout optimisation, limit state analysis & retrofit design for masonry arch bridges, simulation of reactive flow in porous media
Professor David K Stevens Utah State University, USA 
Environmental engineering (transport processes, surface water quality modelling, bioremediation)
Associate Professor Susan L Tighe University of Waterloo, Canada
Infrastructure/Transportation, design of highway & airport
Associate Professor Sudhirkumar Barai Indian Institute of Technology, India 
Structural Engineering
Associate Professor James Milke University of Maryland, USA 
Fire protection engineering with specific expertise in structural fire performance and smoke management
Professor Joseph N Ryan University of Colorado at Boulder, USA 
Environmental engineering; contaminated site remediation; contaminant transport
Professor Jonathan Fannin University of British Columbia, Canada 
Geosynthetics & soil reinforcement, landslides and debris flows
Professor Essam Radwan University of Central Florida, USA 
Transportation engineering; transportation planning and traffic
Professor Poojitha D Yapa Clarkson University, USA 
Environmental hydraulics
Assoc Professor Mohamed Ghidaoui Hong Kong Un.Science & Technology
Hydraulics, water resources and environmental fluid mechanics
Professor Eric R Hall University of British Columbia, Canada
Forest products waste management; wastewater anaerobic digestion; modeling of wastewater treatment systems; membrane separation processes
Professor Roger Plank University of Sheffield, UK
Analysis of steel elements & frames in fire; modelling the behaviour of complete steel framed buildings in fire
Professor Harry Poulos Coffey Geosciences, Australia
Geotechnical engineering; leading authority on pile foundations and offshore geotechnics
Professor Martin S Snaith University of Birmingham, UK
Pavement design and road asset maintenance and management
Professor Ragnar Sigbjornsson University of Iceland, Iceland
Earthquake engineering; structural dynamics; wind engineering
Professor Michael A P Taylor University of South Australia, Australia
Transport planning & engineering; logistics, transport & intelligent transport systems; road safety; traffic simulation & network modelling
Mr Neil D Allan University of Bath, UK
Engineering management; innovation management & entrepreneurialism; team performance & leadership
Professor Allan E Konopka Purdue University, USA
Habitats (microbial manipulation for natural & engineered environments; ecology of microbes; metabolic engineering; applied microbial remediation)
Professor David Purser Building Research Establishment Ltd, UK
Human behaviour in fire; toxicology of combustion products; fire chemistry; natural disaster assessment re urban fires following volcanic eruptions
Professor Michael G H Bell University of London, UK
Transport & traffic modelling; dynamic route guidance; traffic monitoring; public transport performance; travel demand forecasting
Professor Bryan W Karney University of Toronto, Canada
Water distribution systems and hydraulic transients
Professor James R Mihelcic Michigan Technical University, USA
Environmental engineering; sustainability engineering
Professor David V Rosowsky Oregon State University, USA
Structural reliability; probability-based design; performance of wood-frame structures under natural hazards loadings
Professor Martin S Snaith University of Birmingham, UK
Pavement design and road asset maintenance and management
Professor David E Boyce University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Urban and regional transportation planning; Dynamic transportation system models for planning intelligent transportation systems
Professor Mary C Comerio University of California Berkeley, USA
Performance based design; architectural design; seismic retrofit of buildings; building preservation; natural hazards & hazard mitigation
Professor D Vaughan Griffiths Colorado School of Mines, USA
Geotechnical engineering
Professor Martin S Snaith University of Birmingham, UK
Pavement design and road asset maintenance and management
Mr Andrew Dawson University of Nottingham, UK
Geotechnics and pavement engineering
Professor Rowland Richards, Jr State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
Engineering mechanics; seismic soil mechanics; advanced solid mechanics
Professor John P Turner University of Wyoming, USA
Environmental geotechnics; geotechnical engineering
Professor Jean-Guy Beliveau University of Vermont, USA
Structural dynamics and vibration theory
Professor Johan Blaauwendraad Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Non-linear mechanics (concrete, pavements), finite element methods
Professor Ezio Faccioli Politechnico Di Milano, Italy
Geotechnical earthquake engineering; seismology; seismic design codes
Dr Edward McBean Conestoga-Rovers & Assoc., USA
Environmental engineering
Professor Yoginder Vaid University of British Columbia, Canada
Geotechnical engineering especially experimental methods
Dr Jean-Marc H J G Franssen University of Liege
Fire resistance of structures
Professor Peter J Hills University of Newcastle
Transportation planning and research
Professor John Stanton University of Washington
Seismic design and behaviour of pre-stressed concrete structures
DR MALCOLM D BOLTON University of Cambridge, UK
Geomechanics; geomechanical engineering; centrifuge testing
Prof Gerhard H Jirka Universitat Karlsruje, Germany
Environmental fluid mechanics.
Prof Nicholas P Jones The John Hopkins University
Engineering mechanics; structural dynamics; earthquake engineering
Prof Thomas D O'Rourke Cornell University
Geotechnical earthquake engineering.
Prof Ted S Vinson Oregon State University
Geotechnical engineering.
Prof Joseph Hun-Wei Lee University of Hong Kong
Environmental fluid mechanics
Prof Edward D Schroeder University of California at Davis
Water and wastewater engineering; industrial pollution control; hazardous waste management
Prof Robert H J Sellin< University of Bristol
Hydraulic engineering
Prof Antony P S Selvadurai McGill University
Theoretical mechanics, esp. soil and rock mechanics