Biological Sciences

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Name Institution and Research interest
Dr Axel Moehrenschlager Calgary Zoo Foundation, Canada
Wildlife conservation and science
Professor Mark W Denny Stanford University, USA
Biomechanics, conservation physiology, stressors and acclimation, ecological mechanics
Professor. J. Stephen Lodmell University of Montana, USA
Nucleic acids biochemistry; molecular virology, innate immune responses to infection
2021 No visitors
Associate Professor Paul Martin Queens University, Canada
Ecology, Behaviour, Evolution, Biogeography, Conservation
Professor Peter Kotanen University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada
Plant Ecology (Biological Invasions/Plant-herbivore Interactions)
DR TIMOTHY WEIL University of Cambridge, UK
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Professor Meeghan Gray Truckee Meadows College, USA
Physiology, Reproduction, Animal Behaviour, Teaching Scholar, Equity, and Diversity
Professor Emeritus Tom Laue University of New Hampshire, USA
Associate Professor Aron Fenton University of Kansas Medical Center, USA
Allosteric Regulation of Enzymes, Enzymatic Control of Metabolic Pathways
Associate Professor Matthew Reudink Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Behavioural Ecology, Conservation Biology
Professor Martin Serra Allegheny College, USA
Biochemistry, Biophysics, Chemistry
Associate Professor Mark Silby University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
Professor Borries Demeler University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA), USA
Professor Christopher Eckert Queens University, Canada
Rapid Evolution in Plants, Ecology of Sexual Systems
Associate Professor James Moir University of York, UK
Professor Thomas Laue University of New Hampshire, USA
Biochemistry, Biolmolecular Interactions, Biophysics
Professor Stephen Hawkins University of Southampton, UK
Marine Ecology, Marine Conservation, Shellfisheries, Climate Change Effects
Dr Caitlin Gabor Texas State University, USA
Behavioral ecology, behavioural endocrinology and conservation biology
Dr James Murphy Walter and Eliza Hall Medical Institute, Australia
Protein interaction within cells and how genetic mutations that perturb these interactions can cause human disease
Associate Professor Matthew Bracken University of California Irvine, USA
Uncovering the causes & consequences of biodiversity changes in marine ecosystems, through experimental & isotopic analyses of communities
Associate Professor Adam Chippindale Queen's University at Kingston, Canada
Evolutionary biology
Associate Professor Jeff Johnson University of North Texas, USA
Conservation genetics/genomics of birds, with an emphasis on the incorporation of genetic- and genomic-based methods in active conservation programs 
Dr Axel Moehrenschlager Calgary Zoological Society, Canada
Recovery of threatened species, with an emphasis on the science, policy and practice of species reintroduction 
Professor Scott Wissinger Allegheny College, USA
Freshwater ecology; esp aquatic invertebrates, their functional roles in streams & wetland ecosystems & their interactions with vertebrate predators
Associate Professor Andre Hudson Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
A key focus in the Hudson laboratory is the enzymology of amino acid metabolism in plants and bacteriay
Professor Elisar Barbar Oregon State University, USA
The assembly, structure, and function of large protein complexes, including the molecular motor dynein and nuclear pore complexes.
Professor Michael Lawes Charles Darwin University, Australia
Forest ecology & conservation; behavioural & evolutionary ecology; primatology
Professor Jerry Turnbull University of Liverpool, UK
Glycobiology expert, specialising in heparan sulphate biology in cell regulation, disease and drug discovery
Associate Professor Ashley M Buckle Monash University, Australia
Biochemistry; bioinformatics; structural biology
Associate Professor Pierre-Michel Forget Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, France 
Seed dispersal; predation & seedling regeneration; animal-plant interactions- rodents, bats primates; effect of fragmentation on seed ecology, gene flow
Associate Professor David Liberles University of Wyoming, USA
Genomics; bioinformatics; evolutionary biology
Professor Robert Warner University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Behavioural ecology, the interaction of behaviour and life history, population ecology, particularly in coral reef fishes, marine conservation ecology
Professor Richard Neutze University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
Structural biology; molecular biophysics
Professor Thomas Laue
University of New Hampshire, USA 
Biochemistry; biomolecular interactions; biophysics
Associate Professor Matthew Perugini University of Melbourne, Australia 
Protein structure and function; enzymes of metabolism; analytical ultracentrifugation protein interactomes
Professor Robert Warner University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Behavioural ecology, the interaction of behaviour and life history, population ecology, particularly in coral reef fishes, marine conservation ecology
Dr Kevin J McGraw Arizona State University, USA 
Behavioural ecology, especially animal colouration
Professor George H Lorimer (Bio Chemistry) University of Maryland, USA 
Enzymology of photosynthesis; biological chemistry; enzyme mechanisms; study of Rubicso
Professor Alison Smith (Biochemistry) University of Cambridge, UK 
Metabolism of plants, algae and bacteria
Professor Evan DeLucia University of Illinois, USA 
Physiological ecology of vascular plants, photosynthesis, plant architecture, stress, climate change
Professor Steven Gaines University of California Santa Barbara,USA 
Marine ecology; conservation biology; ecological modelling; larval transport; coastal climate change
Associate Professor Bridget Mabbutt Macquarie University, Australia
Structure & function of proteins; protein NMR; structural genomics of the bacterial mobile metagenome
Professor John Carver University of Adelaide, Australia 
Protein aggregation; heat shock proteins
Professor Thomas Chen University of Connecticut, USA 
Function of hormone in growth and cancer
Professor Joel H Rothman University of California Santa Barbara, USA 
Cell and molecular biology, particularly of development in the model animal C.elegans
Professor Joshua Schimel University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Environmental microbiology, soil-plant relationships
Dr Edward G Gregorich Ottawa Research Centre, Canada 
Microbial nutrient processing and the fate of genetically modified plants in soil
Associate Professor Simon J Hiscock University of Bristol, UK 
Botany and plant evolutionary biology
Professor Kenneth R Olson Indiana University School of Medicine, USA 
Cardiovascular physiology; especially of fishes
Professor Jeremy Turnbull University of Liverpool, UK 
Glycobiology; biochemistry; biotechnology
Professor Ben C Sheldon University of Oxford, UK
Animal behaviour; evolutionary biology; population genetics
Professor Scott A Wissinger Allegheny College, USA 
Freshwater ecology, especially the ecology and management of wetlands
Professor Mark Adams University of New South Wales, Australia
Forest ecology; productivity and nutrient cycling
Professor Richard G Burns University of Queensland, Australia
Molecular microbiology; food microbiology; microbial ecology; soil biochemistry
Professor Barbara L Peckarsky University of Wisconsin, USA
Freshwater ecology and aquatic entomology
Dr Matthew L Whiteman Yong Loo Lin School of Med, Singapore
Medical Biochemistry, free radical biochemistry, cell biology
Professor Terry Galloway University of Manitoba, Canada
Insect ecology; host-parasite interactions; aquatic entomology; agricultural entomology
Associate Professor Sue Grayston University of British Columbia, Canada
Microbial ecology; forest fertility
Associate Professor Kevin L Griffin Columbia University, USA
Environmental science; ecology; plant physiology; biogeochemistry; global change biology
Dr William F Laurance Smithsonian Institute, Republic of Panama
Terrestrial ecology; tropical forest ecology; habitat fragmentation; conservation biology
Professor Peter Lipton University of Wisconsin, USA
Cellular mechanisms of learning & memory; regulation of synaptic transmission by glycolysis; brain damage in stroke & heart attacks
Professor Olle Nerman Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Mathematics and mathematical statistics
Dr Jon Slate University of Sheffield, UK
Evolutionary and quantitative genetics
Professor John R Barnett University of Reading, UK
Biophysics; structural botany; cell biology
Dr Frantisec Krahulec Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Plant evolutionary ecology and breeding systems
Dr David B Lank Simon Fraser University, Canada
Behavioural ecology; ornithology
Professor Roger Lew York University, Canada
Plant cell biology; membrane biochemistry; electrophysiology
Professor Karl J Niklas Cornell University, USA
Plant evolution; allometry; biomechanics; comparative functional morphology
Dr Pauline M Rudd University of Oxford, UK
Professor Fred Allendorf University of Montana, USA
Population and evolutionary genetics; conservation biology
Dr Richard Bardgett Lancaster University, UK
Environmental microbiology and ecosystem processes
Professor Fred Benfield Virginia Polytechnical Institute & State University, USA
Stream ecology
Professor Benzion Cavari Israeli Oceanographic Institute, Israel
Molecular biotechnology, technology, transgenic fish, bioremediation, fish diseases, marine organisms, fish population genes.
Dr Alan R Harker Brigham Young University, USA
Microbiology; environmental engineering; undergraduate education
Professor Brian A Hazlett University of Michigan, USA
Behavioural ecology of crustacea
Professor Peter Lipton University of Wisconsin, USA
Cellular mechanisms of learning & memory; regulation of synaptic transmission by glycolysis; stroke & heart attack brain damage
Professor Malcolm C Press University of Sheffield, UK
Ecological, physiological, metabolic & molecular interaction between parasitic plants; regeneration ecology; global climate change ecology
Assoc. Professor Ian S Haworth University of Southern California, USA
Membrane transport processes; DNA interactions; protein structure etc
Professor David W Hopkins University of Stirling, UK
Decomposition, GM crops in nutrient cycling, forensic microbiology
Assoc. Professor Ülo Niinemets University of Tartu, Estonia
Plant ecology
Professor Robert W Ridge International Christian University, Japan
Cell biology; plant anatomy and physiology; plant-microbe interactions
Professor Louis Du Pasquier "Basel Institute for Immunology, Switzerland"
Vertebrate immune syst.evolution; antibody diversity & somatic mutation; major histocompatibility complex; lymphocyte receptors; vertebrate cloning
Dr Bart Kempenaers "Max Planck Research Centre for Ornithology, Germany"
Animal behaviour; evolutionary biology
Professor Jan A Pechenik Tufts University, USA
Marine biology; biology of invertebrates, invertebrate larvae, polychaete and molluscan ecophysiology
Professor William J Bond University of Cape Town, South Africa
Plant evolutionary biology - plant populations to global floras, ecology of terrestrial plants
Dr Peter Millard Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, UK
Plant ecophysiology; soil-plant interactions; plant nitrogen relations
Professor Ian J Molineux University of Texas, USA
Bacterial viruses; genetics; host-parasite interactions
Assoc Professor Janet L Leonard University of California
Animal behaviour, neuroethology; behavioural modelling
Professor Jerrel L Wilkens University of Calgary, Canada
Cardiovascular physiology of crustaceans
Professor Jonathan M Anderson University of Exeter
Decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems; nutrient cycling and global warming and soil ecology, esp. the role of organisms
Professor David Gutnick Tel-Aviv University
Bacterial physiology; bacterial metabolism; bioremediation; bacterial genetics.
Professor Byron B Lamont Curtin University of Technology
Plant ecology
Professor Herve Bercovier The Hebrew University
Clinical microbiology; fish diseases
Professor Terry D Galloway University of Manitoba
Entomology; parasitology
Dr Gijsbert M Lokhorst Leiden University
Taxonomy and phylogeny of green algae.
Prof Thomas T Chen University of Connecticut
Genetics and molecular biology of fish growth regulation
Assoc Prof Janusz M Gebicki Macquarie University
Biochemistry; free radical chemistry; radiation chemistry
Prof Robert Montgomerie Queen's University
Animal behaviour; evolutionary biology; statistics.
Prof Wayne M Becker University of Wisconsin-Madison
Plant biochemistry and molecular biology
Prof Robert M M Crawford St Andrews University
Stress physiology in plants
Dr Robert N Lightowlers University of Newcastle
Biochemistry; cell and molecular biology; genetics and neuroscience
Dr David W Hopkins University of Dundee
Soil microbiology & chemistry; decomposition of plant litter in soil & uses of NMR; carbon dynamics in upland soils; Antarctic soil microbiology
Dr Stuart Egginton University of Birmingham
Respiratory physiology; Antarctic fish biology; stress physiology
Prof Malcolm B Jones University of Plymouth
Biology, ecophysiology of littoral and estuarine vertebrates; effects of contaminants on crustacea
Dr Michael J Kingsford University of Sydney
Marine ecology
Prof Kenneth R Olson University of Notre Dame, Indiana
Fish physiology