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The University of Canterbury is proud of the magnificent bequest left by a distinguished former student John Angus Erskine. This bequest enables some 70 Visiting Erskine Fellowships to be awarded each year to international academics to teach students in Erskine eligible schools and departments.

In addition to the Erskine Fellowships, the University of Canterbury also offers a smaller number of teaching fellowships called Canterbury fellowships, Cambridge fellowships (to academics from the University of Cambridge, UK) and Oxford fellowships (to academics from the University of Oxford, UK) each year. These fellowships are typically awarded to non-Erskine eligible schools/departments.  

The Erskine bequest also funds overseas teaching fellowships for up to 25 University of Canterbury academics in eligible departments on what is known as an Erskine Grant.

Erskine-eligible grants and fellowships

  • Visiting Erskine Fellowships
  • Visiting Cambridge Fellowships
  • Visiting Oxford Fellowships
  • Erskine Grants
  • Cambridge Grants
  • Oxford Grants

apply to the following schools/departments/programmes:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical and Process Engineering
  • Civil and Natural Resources Engineering
  • Communication Disorders
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Forestry
  • Gateway Antarctica
  • Geography
  • Geologicical Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Product Design
  • Linguistics
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • National Centre for Research on Europe
  • Physical and Chemical Sciences
  • Psychology, Speech and Hearing
  • UC Business School

Other fellowships and grants arranged by the office:

  • Visiting Canterbury Fellowships
  • Visiting Cambridge Fellowships
  • Visiting Oxford Fellowships
  • Cambridge Grants
  • Canterbury Grants
  • Oxford Grants

apply to the following schools/departments:

  • Educational Studies and Leadership
  • Humanities and Creative Arts; (Philosophy not eligible for Canterbury Fellowships)
  • Language, Social and Political Sciences; (Linguistics not eligible for Canterbury Fellowships)
  • Law
  • Māori & Indigenous Studies
  • Sport and Physical Education
  • Teacher Education
  • AND Visiting Māori & Indigenous Studies Fellowship for the School of Maori & Indigenous Studies

Erskine Bequest eligibility:  Each Faculty has an annual quota of Visiting Erskine Fellows and Erskine Fellowships are awarded via a nomination process. A nomination is made by the Head of a School/Department and supported by the Faculty Executive Dean.  Approved nominations are then sent to the Erskine Programme Office for assessment before being sent to the Deputy Vice -Chancellor Academic for sign off.  

Potential visitors should correspond in the first instance with the relevant Head of School/Department or academic colleague.  Please send a current curriculum vitae together with any accompanying materials to the Head of School/Department for an initial assessment.  The Head of School/Department will complete a nomination form on behalf of the potential visitor.

Cambridge/Canterbury, Oxford/Canterbury and Canterbury Fellowships and Grants are awarded on a competitive basis with nominations requested yearly, usually in February. Please contact the Head of School/Department for further information.

The Erskine Programme Office can also be contacted at erskine@canterbury.ac.nz in the event there is no response initially from a Head of School/Department.

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