Tomorrow's Teachers: International and critical perspectives on teacher education

Tomorrow's Teachers International and Critical Perspectives on Teacher Education

Edited by Alan Scott and John Freeman-Moir

(Out of print)

April 2000
219pp, Paperback
230 x 150 mm, 7 tables, 8 figs
ISBN 0-908812-68-X

"At present, tensions between liberal ideals and economic imperatives are pulling and pushing teacher education in contradictory directions. Educational ideals seem too readily and dogmatically to be traded for immediate fiscal policy. This book explains why such short-term thinking is detrimental to effective teacher education."

At the close of the twentieth century the production of new teachers has become a sharp political issue throughout the world. Teacher education has come under increasing attack from politicians, economists, parent organisations and social critics alike. The editors of and contributors to this important new book argue that much of the debate is driven by expediency, and too often demonstrates a poor grasp of the depth and complexity of the issues. On a more positive note, however, they see much serious debate focusing upon what a well-trained teacher should be able to do, and on the methods of training and education essential to producing competent teachers.

The contributors address these issues in a critical way, asking what should be the objectives of teacher education and demonstrating the international scope of the debate. They share the view that teacher training requires more than acquiring skills and techniques; that it is also necessary to understand the contexts of teaching, the reasons why we teach, and the role of schools within political environments. Teachers also need a coherent perspective on curriculum and the relevant bodies of theory that give meaning to what is being done.

John Freeman-Moir is Dean of Undergraduate Studies and a member of staff in the Education Department at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. His research interests are in the sociology and politics of education and higher education.

Alan Scott is Co-ordinator of Education Studies, Secondary Programmes, at the Christchurch College of Education, Christchurch, New Zealand. His research interests are in the sociology and politics of education, drama education and teacher education.