The Plain and Ordinary Canterbury Sketchbook

Plain and Ordinary Canterbury Sketchbook, The


(Out of print)

November 2006
96pp, paperback
148 x 210mm
ISBN 1-977257-49-4

Pete McLauchlan’s sketches and accompanying anecdotes appeared weekly in The Press in the 1990s.

His affectionate portrayals of Canterbury’s iconic buildings, landmarks and quirky characters from the 1950s earned him a broad readership.

Many today still remember ‘Ringo’ the comic seller, the day Johnny Devlin hit town, and Mabel Howard and her love for cats.

The Stalk Inn and McEwin’s Milk Bar, Lancaster Park’s No. 1 Stand – these and many images of postwar Canterbury are brought together in this collection.

PETE is a postie and a curmudgeon. He lives in Sydenham.