The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Maori Myth and Legend

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Maori Myth and Legend, The

Margaret Orbell

(Out of print)

1995, reprinted 1996, 1999, 2003
274pp, Paperback
260 x 184mm, Colour & B&W photos & illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-0-908812-47-9

The nineteenth-century writings of Maori authorities have left us a vast heritage of myths and legends. These speak of a thousand years' experience of Aotearoa, and also recall in their origins the first human explorations of the islands of Polynesia.

Drawing upon this literature, Margaret Orbell has produced an all-embracing and highly readable work of reference. In more than 380 entries she tells the ancient stories, the familiar and the little known, and provides far-reaching interpretation of a heritage that is still very much alive.

"The volume is a joy, and will distinguish every Pacific library's shelf and every home bookcase ... The book's design is refreshingly modern and highly professional... One picks up Orbell's book and can't put it down ... The best general work on the subject for professional scholar and layperson alike ... " Rongorongo Studies (Journal of Polynesian Studies)