On Knowing: Art and visual culture

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Edited by Paul Duncum and Ted Bracey

(Out of print)

August 2001
168pp, Paperback
230 x 155 mm
ISBN 1-877257-14-1

The question of whether or not art can be distinguished from all that we call visual culture has become central to art theoretical discussion over recent decades. On Knowing: Art and Visual Culture addresses this question with the specific aim of making sense of an epistemology of art. It does this on the assumption that nothing less than a persuasive account of how art can be known can provide the conceptual foundation on which all theory and practice in art education ultimately rests.

Such an enterprise is timely for a climate in which existing art education practices are being evaluated and reassessed. It presents often opposing views from six highly respected art-education theorists whose diverse theories and principles are presented not with the expectation of reaching a consensus so much as in the hope of provoking critical reflection and debate.

The book is composed of essays as well as shorter papers in which the contributors respond to their colleagues' papers, defending their positions, correcting misconceptions and further elaborating their theories.

This new book offers the best possible introduction for novice teachers to the central art issues of today, while encouraging experienced teachers to review those issues in relation to established teaching practices.