Practice-based learning

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You’ll be learning skills and strategies that you can adapt to a wide range of teaching environments.

Diverse learning environments

You will face all sorts of learning environments throughout your teaching career. We will impart practical skills and strategies to be able to effectively deal with these situations. We can also provide you with ongoing professional development to meet the changing needs of your classroom.

Employable and work-ready

As part of your learning experience with UC Education, you will undertake professional practical placements. An associate teacher will mentor you and teach you how to manage a classroom, create resources, and develop lesson plans. Trainee sports coaches do something similar when they are placed with sporting teams and organisations.

Not only do you learn the skills you’ll need to succeed, but through these networking opportunities, you might meet your future employers.

Isaac Levings

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)

"I’ve been on three placements. The first time you do it, it’s kind of scary, but once you get into it it’s pretty straightforward.

It’s been amazing. The placements are really helpful because they allow you to test ideas and strategies you’ve talked about in lectures. You learn a lot on the job and you get to craft your own teaching style. That’s important because the best way to interact with kids is to be yourself."