Career changers

Te Reo Maori

Is there a career you've always been interested in but you've been anxious about the training required? Do you want to start training for a new career but are unsure about managing time and financial commitments? Do you worry that you have been out of the 'system' for too long?

Don't worry - more than half our students are 'mature' students (25-80+) we are familiar with all the concerns people have about starting a new career.

That's because we provide realistic qualifications for real life careers. We are in tune with the needs of students who have experience to offer and other commitments to consider.

Nervous about returning to study?

We offer support and flexibility:

  • Flexible options - part-time, distance, on-line or On-site Intensives are available for most qualifications so that you can continue to work and/or have time for family or other commitments.
  • Opportunities in some cases to apply for credit for relevant work experience.
  • Information about finance and scholarship options.
  • Support for those out of education for a few years - introductory courses and a Academic Skills Centre to assist with skills such as spelling, grammar, presentations, techniques for writing assignments etc.
  • Open door policy - lecturers are always willing and available to help one-on-one.
  • Small classes (around 20-25) - you get to know your lecturer and classmates well, and they get to know you. You are not just a number to us.
  • Support - free and confidential counsellors, student's advocates, and other support people.
  • Childcare - there is an on-campus childcare centre which gives priority to students and staff. We also offer School Holiday programmes.

Think about it - starting a new career may be easier than you realise.

Need more information or advice?

Contact the Liaison Office