Cheryl Brown

Associate ProfessorCheryl Brown

Rehua 421
Internal Phone: 92933
Continue to explore concepts of digital identity and how our online experiences influence our learning in a digital world.

Research Interests

My research interests are centred around access to ICTs and how they facilitate or inhibit students’ participation in learning. In the past few years I have looked more closely at the role technological devices (for example cell phones and tablets) play in students learning in a developing context and the development of students' digital literacy practices. I have led research projects on digital education leadership, personal mobile devices in learning and teaching and developing e-learning professionals in Africa.

Recent Publications

  • Teschers C. and Brown C. (2019) Media Literacy and digital citizenship in Aotearoa New Zealand. In Kamp A (Ed.), Education Studies in Aotearoa: Key disciplines and emerging directions: 201-215. Wellington, New Zealand: NZCER Press.
  • Brown C. and Haupt G. (2018) Using Personal Mobile Devices to increase flexibility and equity in learning in resource constrained contexts.. Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning 22(2): 18-31.
  • Brown C., Davis N., Sotardi V. and Vidal W. (2018) Towards understanding of student engagement in blended learning: A conceptualization of learning without borders. Geelong, Australia: 35th International Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE), 25-28 Nov 2018. In ASCILITE 2018 Conference Proceedings: 318-323.
  • Brown C., Haupt G. and Hunma A. (2018) Mainstreaming mobile teaching innovation in a resource-constrained context: Changing access, shifting practice. In Crompton H; Traxler J (Ed.), Mobile Learning and Higher Education: Challenges in Context: 114-125.
  • Czerniewicz L. and Brown C. (2018) The Habitus and Technological Practices of Rural Students: A Case Study. In Normore A; Lahere A (Ed.), Crossing the Bridge of the Digital Divide A Walk with Global Leaders: 163-180. Charlotte: IAP.