Alison Arrow

Associate ProfessorAlison Arrow

Rehua 409
Internal Phone: 93169

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research is broadly cross-disciplinary in nature, and has three key areas. The first is an interrogation into what cognitive development in young children looks like, primarily the study of the development of reading ability from early childhood to adolescence. The second research area examines what the beliefs and practices of parents and of teachers looks like, and the implications for children. The third area of research examines effective professional development and measuring the effectiveness of it with child outcomes, particularly in the area of literacy. Cutting across these areas is the examination of digital technology use for literacy learning.

Recent Publications

  • Bennett H., Denston A. and Arrow A. (2023) The effectiveness of a parent-implemented, phonological awareness programme on the phonological awareness skills of preschool children. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy 46(2): 125-143.
  • Denston A. and Arrow A. (2023) Transition and continuity in school literacy development. Educational Review 75(3): 593-595.
  • Gillon G., McNeill B., Scott A., Arrow A., Gath M. and Macfarlane A. (2023) A better start literacy approach: effectiveness of Tier 1 and Tier 2 support within a response to teaching framework. Reading and Writing 36(3): 565-598.
  • Arrow A., Neville A., Denston A. and Nicholson T. (2022) Investigating the number and type of literacy assessments and interventions in Aotearoa New Zealand primary schools. Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties 27(2): 185-199.
  • Sleeman M., Everatt J., Arrow A. and Denston A. (2022) Evaluation of the “Three Steps in Screening for Dyslexia” Assessment Protocol Designed for New Zealand Teachers. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies 57(2): 465-482.