Anne-Marie McIlroy

Lecturer (Teaching and Admin Only)Dr Anne-Marie McIlroy

Internal Phone: 94966


Research Interests

Research interests include social justice in education; quality teaching; assessment that supports learning for all; Disability Studies in Education, and student voice.

Recent Publications

  • McIlroy A. (2015) All Students Belong in 'The New Zealand Curriculum': A vision supported by the Inclusive Education Capability Building Project. Kairaranga 16(2): 35-44.
  • MacArthur J., McIlroy A. and Howard T. (2018) What Made School So Good? In Bermann J; MacArthur J (Ed.), Student Perspectives on School: Informing Inclusive Practice: 112-127. Leiden: Brill /Sense.
  • McIlroy A. and Guerin A. (2014) Flying under the radar: Democratic approaches to teaching in neoliberal times. In Wills R; Morton M; McLean M; Stevenson M; Slee R (Ed.), Tales from school: Learning disabilities and state education after administrative reform: 213-225. Rotterdam: Sense.
  • Morton M., Rietveld C., Guerin A., McIlroy A. and Duke J. (2012) Curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning for all. In Carrington S; MacArthur J (Ed.), Teaching in Inclusive School Communities: 270-293. Brisbane: John Wiley & Sons.
  • McIlroy A. (2017) "The myth of inability" - exploring children's capability and belonging at primary school through narrative assessment. Christchurch, New Zealand. University of Canterbury.


EDST 641 Theory and Foundations of Learning and Behaviour Diversity
EDST 642 Evidence-based Interprofessional Practice in Learning and Behaviour Diversity
EDST 643 Practicum in Learning and Behaviour diversity