Laurie McLay

Associate ProfessorDr Laurie McLay

Programme Coordinator - Specialist Teaching
Rehua 303
Internal Phone: 93522


Research Interests

My research interests include investigating the effectiveness of interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder. This includes research into preference-enhanced communication systems, treatments for sleep disturbance in children with autism, the effects of video self-modelling, and Functional Behavioural Assessment.

Recent Publications

  • McLay L., Sutherland D., Machalicek W. and Sigafoos J. (2020) Systematic Review of Telehealth Interventions for the Treatment of Sleep Problems in Children and Adolescents. Journal of Behavioral Education
  • Carnett A., Hansen S., McLay L., Neely L. and Lang R. (2019) Quantitative-Analysis of Behavioral Interventions to Treat Sleep Problems in Children with Autism. Developmental Neurorehabilitation : 1-14.
  • McLay L., Roche L., France KG., Blampied NM., Lang R., France M. and Busch C. (2019) Systematic review of the effectiveness of behaviorally-based interventions for sleep problems in people with rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. Sleep Medicine Reviews 46: 54-63.
  • McLay LK., France KG., Knight J., Blampied NM. and Hastie B. (2019) The effectiveness of function-based interventions to treat sleep problems, including unwanted co-sleeping, in children with autism. Behavioral Interventions 34(1): 30-51.
  • van Deurs JR., McLay LK., France KG., Blampied NM., Lang RB. and Hunter JE. (2019) Behavioral Sleep Intervention for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Pilot Study. Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders 3(4): 397-410.