Anne-Marie Hunt

LecturerAnne-Marie Hunt

Rotorua Regional Coordinator
Rotorua F28
Internal Phone: 95350


Research Interests

I have had a long interest in bicultural education. In 2005 my Master of Teaching & Learning (MTchLn) research project case study was around the perceptions of beginning teachers on meeting the needs of Māori children in mainstream classrooms. The power of the arts to engage our Māori learners was one finding that I am interested in exploring further with colleagues and cross culturally globally in future.
My research interests to date have been practice based within the Rotorua regional pre-service teacher education option where I have been employed since its establishment in 1997. Primary (elementary) Principals perceptions of this flexible learning option ten years on and where to next given the Christchurch College of Education merger with UC was a MTchLn research project in 2006. My interest and challenge to maintain the Principals perception of the ‘quality’ of this option once merged within a university context in 2007 was an outcome of this research.
Since 2007 blended e-learning within teacher education has become a focus for me. From 2009 -13 I was a participant in a course using an Inquiry process within a blended e-learning environment.
Building on my interests in Māori education I was invited to assist with the two year (2012-14) project entitled Ka Awatea: A tribal based study of high achieving Māori students. In 2015-16 I completed a research project resulting in an article entitled 'Teachers' Cultural Capital: Enabling Factors for Māori Teacher Success.

Recent Publications

  • Hunt A. (2017) Teachers' Cultural Capital Enabling factors for Māori Teacher Success. Northern Arizona University: 8th American Indian Indigenous Teacher Education Conference Honoring Place, Community & Culture, 15-17 Jun 2017.
  • Hunt A., Macfarlane A., Manning R. and Stephens C. (2017) NZARE Conference symposium presentation entitled: University of Canterbury Post Graduate Education for Teachers: Partnership with Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru Education Trust. Participation by Local Teachers and Educators; Protection of Māori knowledge, language, culture and identity.. 20-22 Nov 2017.
  • Hunt AM. (2016) An Inquiry Based Blended e-Learning Practice: Preparing Future Teachers. Rotorua: ULearn16, 5-7 Oct 2016.
  • Hunt AM. (2016) EXEMPLARY MĀORI TEACHERS: FACTORS THAT ATTRIBUTE TO THEIR SUCCESS. Melbourne, Australia: Australian Association for Research in Education, 28 Nov-1 Dec 2016.
  • Hunt AM. (2016) Rotorua’s Quality Community Leadership and Teaching. Literacy Forum NZ 31(2) 3: 24-31.