Prestige Lecture Series 

Te Kaupeka Ako | Faculty of Education is proud to host the Prestige Lecture Series. Throughout the year, local and international experts are invited to showcase exciting developments and contemporary research in the fields of education, leadership and community engagement.

Past Lectures

Take a look at online videos of our past lectures.

Associate Professor Krista Malott

Contending with one's own racism. Facing backlash from coworkers and forsaking loved ones. And becoming more authentic, human, and humane... These are just a few experiences shared in a study of one set of Whites engaged in antiracist activism.

Dr Paul Matthews, University of Georgia

Dr Paul Matthews discusses how universities can use their resources, knowledge, and student skill and passion to address real-world issues and challenges in their communities.

Professor Anne Edwards, University of Oxford

Working on challenging transitions: building common knowledge to create bridges between practices. Entering a new practice and navigating its expectations offers challenges to most new comers; but for some children and young people these challenges can be particularly demanding. In this talk Anne discusses examples of these demands and how they have been addressed in a range of initiatives.

Professor Ian Coulter, RAND Corporation

Professor Ian Coulter, senior health policy researcher at the RAND Corporation presents The professional ethical responsibilities of the consumer of science. Lessons from the Opioid Crisis.

Professor Vincent Mor, 2019 Erskine Fellow

Professor Vincent Mor presents Designing and Disseminating the Next Generation of Interventions for Persons with Dementia, looking at the effectiveness of non-pharmacologic interventions for people with advanced dementia.

George Noblit, Canterbury Fellow

Professor George Noblit presents Lessons about Power, Dominance and Culture, talking about how culturally sustaining pedagogies entail trade-offs that can be as oppressive as they are liberatory. Shifting towards the latter requires the dominant group see deficits as our own and take responsibility for our power and its effects.

Lynne Schrum, Nova Southeastern University Florida

Professor Lynne Schrum's talk brings examples from schools worldwide that demonstrates how educators, informal community institutions, and other organizations’ efforts to support student learning impacts on engagement, and outcomes. 

Toby Greany, University College London Institute of Education

Professor Toby Greany presents 'Schools as learning organisations', understanding how schools and school systems can grow the innovative culture required for deep and sustainable change.

Professor Tim Bell, University of Canterbury

Professor Tim Bell discussed the introduction of digital technologies as a subject, how it related to the rest of the curriculum and the challenges and successes involved in adopting digital technologies in schools. 

Ian Thompson, Oxford University

Associate Professor Ian Thompson discusses 'Social Situations of Development in Initial Teacher Education'

Monica Axelsson, Stockholm University

Professor Monica Axelsson discusses 'Newly arrived children and adolescents in Sweden'

Foundations of Mentoring: Promoting Learning in the Service of Student Learning

When is mentoring 'educative' (or 'miseducative')? How does educative mentoring challenge the culture of teaching? What role should mentoring play in new teacher induction? How can teacher mentoring promote student learning?  Professor Sharon Feiman-Nemser addressed these questions, using examples from cross-national studies of mentoring and induction. Hosted by the Teacher Learning and Innovations in Practice Research Hub

Rob Wilton, McMaster University

Professor Rob Wilton discusses 'A different way of seeing productivity'

Robert Didden, Radboud University

Professor Robert Didden discusses 'Treatment of Aggressive Behaviour in Individuals with Mild to Borderline Intellectual Disabilities'

John Luckner, University of Northern Colorado

Professor John Luckner discusses 'Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children'

Richard Light, University of Canterbury

Professor Richard Light discusses 'Children and young people’s experiences of sport and what it means for them'

Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Brandeis University

Professor Sharon Feiman-Nemser discusses 'Foundations of Mentoring'

Peggy Ertmer, Purdue University

Professor Peggy Ertmer discusses 'Increasing Teachers’ Capacity for Innovative Learning Pedagogies' 

Antonia Darder, Loyola Marymount University

Professor Antonia Darder discusses 'Schooling the Flesh: The Body, Pedagogy, and Inequalities'

Carolyn Blackburn, Birmingham City University

Dr Carolyn Blackburn discusses 'Foetal Alcohol Syndrome'

Kristine Black-Hawkins, Cambridge University

Dr Kristine Black-Hawkins discusses 'Understanding Inclusive Pedagogy'

Ilsa Schwartz, University of Tennessee

Professor Ilsa Schwartz discusses 'Language Systems of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing'

Susan Gabel, Wayne State University

Professor Susan Gabel discusses 'Shatter not the branches of the tree of anger'

Jeffrey Wilhelm, Boise State University

Professor Jeffrey Wilhelm discusses discusses 'Let them read TRASH: Reading Unbound'

Richard Light, University of Canterbury

Professor Richard Light discusses 'Positive pedagogy for coaching, teaching, leadership and parenting'

Louisa Allen, University of Auckland

Associate Professor Louisa Allen discusses 'Rethinking the Concept of Sexuality Education'

Paul Resta, University of Texas

Professor Paul Resta discusses 'Educational data visualisation'

Rod Carr, University of Canterbury

Dr Rod Carr discusses 'The importance of developing children's financial literacy'

Mike Metzler, Georgia State University

Professor Mike Metzler discusses 'Whole-Of-School Approach to Increasing Physical Activity for Children and Youth'

Kate Nation, Oxford University

Professor Kate Nation discusses 'Learning to read and learning to comprehend'

William C. Hsiao, Harvard School of Public Health

Professor William C. Hsiao discusses 'The future of the New Zealand Health Care System'

Leali’ie’e Tufulasi Taleni, University of Canterbury

Leali’ie’e Tufulasi Taleni discusses 'In order to teach you, I must know you'

Bobbie Hunter, Massey University

Dr Bobbie Hunter discusses 'Developing mathematical inquiry and argumentation in a community of learners'

Stephanie Moor, University of Otago

Dr Stephanie Moor discusses 'Changes in the classroom: effect of the earthquake on children's behaviour'