Una Cunningham

LecturerUna Cunningham


Research Interests

My main area of research is around migration, language, learning and technology in various permutations. I am interested in the application of technology for using, learning and teaching languages and the interplay of linguistic and digital practices of multilingual and transnational families.

I am not currently accepting new doctoral students. For information about my current students and their work, please see the Learning and Teaching Languages Research Lab page

Recent Publications

  • Cunningham UM., Rashid S. and Le T. (2019) The effect of learner training on the use of digital tools to support English writing skills.. Asian EFL Journal 21(2).
  • Cunningham U. and King J. (2018) Language, Ethnicity, and Belonging for the Children of Migrants in New Zealand. SAGE Open 8(2) http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/2158244018782571.
  • Le T., Cunningham UM. and Watson K. (2018) The relationship between willingness to communicate and social presence in an online English language course. JALT CALL Journal 14(1).
  • Cunningham UM. (2017) Flipping the language classroom. New Zealand Language Teacher, The, 43: 41-50.
  • King J. and Cunningham UM. (2017) Tamariki and fanau: child speakers of Māori and Samoan in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Te Reo 60: 29-46.