Trish McMenamin

Senior LecturerDr Trish McMenamin

Rehua 520
Internal Phone: 95572


Research Interests

My professional interests are related to special education practices and policies, inclusive education, curriculum, autism spectrum disorder, behaviour and disability.

Recent Publications

  • McMenamin T. (2018) Special Schools, Inclusion, and Justice. Peter Lang Incorporated, International Academic Publishers. 150.
  • Guerin A; McMenamin T (Ed.) (2018) Belonging: Rethinking inclusive practices to support well-being and identity. (38 ed.) Brill. 138.
  • McMenamin T. (2017) A just state of affairs: philosophical reflections on justice, inclusion and the education of disabled children. Cambridge Journal of Education : 14.
  • McMenamin T. (2017) An Idea Whose Time Had Come: The Turn to Inclusion in New Zealand’s Education Policy. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies 52(1): 109-121.
  • McMenamin T. (2014) Neither confirmed nor denied: special school provision in New Zealand's Special Education 2000 policy. British Journal of Special Education 41(1): 25-41.