Tracy Clelland

LecturerTracy Clelland

Rehua 305
Internal Phone: 93437


Research Interests

My main areas of research are related to the broad field of Health education across the lifecourse. Currently I am researching how caregivers understand and experience sexualities education with their children. In particular I am interested in the underlying societal discourses that caregivers draw on in contemporary times when engaging (or disengaging) from sexuality education and what these 'produce' in peoples lives.

Furthermore I am interested in the interplay between the private/public binary that often plays out in sexuality education and the impact of this on the wellbeing of people.

My other areas of research include teacher education and the use of the Health Promoting Schools framework to enhance student and community wellbeing.

Recent Publications

  • North CJ., Clelland T. and Lindsay H. (2018) Phases in Collaboration: Using Schwab’s Deliberation to Respond to Change in Teacher Education. Studying Teacher Education 14(2): 212-230.
  • Clelland TJ. (2017) “Mum- What’s humping?” Rethinking sexuality education and the regulation of knowledge. Tauranga: PENZ, EONZ & NZHEA conference, 2017, 10-13 Jul 2017.
  • Clelland TJ. (2017) Building Resilience: Implementing the science of positive psychology into your health education programme. Tauranga, New Zealand: PENZ, EONZ, NZHEA National Conference 2017, 10-13 Jul 2017.
  • Clelland TJ. (2017) Tracy Clelland :Parents play a part in the sexuality conversation. [Newspaper].
  • Lindsay H., North CJ. and Clelland T. (2017) HOPE for the future: bringing together Health, Outdoor and Physical Education in Teacher Education. Tauranga, New Zealand: PENZ, EONZ, NZHEA National Conference 2017, 10-12 Jul 2017.