Shanee Barraclough

Programme Coordinator - CounsellingDr Shanee Barraclough

Rehua 312
Internal Phone: 93532

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research interests are primarily situated within the fields of counselling and education. I am particularly interested in exploring emerging counsellor identities, counsellor education, social constructionist and post-structural approaches to counselling and the use of feminist, qualitative, arts based and posthumanist research methodologies.

Recent Publications

  • Barraclough SJ. (2018) Posthuman entanglements in the counselling room – multiple forces enacting the present-absence of counsellor tears. University of Canterbury: Contemporary Counselling Research Symposium, 20 Mar 2018.
  • Barraclough SJ. (2018) Reflexivity and diffraction: concepts called forth by problems posed by the world.. University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ: Theories in Practice Symposium, 29 Oct 2018.
  • Barraclough SJ. (2018) Ethico-onto-epistem-ological becoming. Qualitative Research in Psychology 15(2-3): 375-380.
  • Barraclough SJ. (2018) in excess. In SoFi Zine: 32-36. Frances St Press.
  • Barraclough SJ. (2018) Ontological dissonance, seismic ruptures and diffraction’s space-time-mattering in the re-orienting of thought. Rotorua, NZ: Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, 7-10 Dec 2018.