Sandra Wilson-Leadly

Senior LecturerSandra Williamson-Leadley

Rehua 422


Research Interests

I have diverse research interests that all revolve around teachers' and/or students' use of information and communication technology (ICT). These research interests include: professional learning and development of teachers; teachers' use of ICT in their classroom practice; teachers' use of ICT to support indigenous students' learning; teachers' use of tablet technology in Early Childhood Education (ECE) settings; and, preparedness of pre-service teachers to teach in Innovative Learning Environments.

My doctoral research focused on New Zealand primary school teachers' ICT professional development and classroom practices. My other research activities have included exploring the use of tablet technology for assessment in mathematics; investigating mainstream primary teachers' use of ICT to support their indigenous students' learning and the lessons that can be learned from teachers' use of ICT in indigenous schools. This has also led to developing an interest in indigenous research methodologies. In a collaborative research project, I have researched about ECE teachers' use of tablet technology with young children.

My current research interest is in pre-service teachers' preparedness to teach in Innovative Learning Environments. This includes the skills, dispositions and pedagogical approaches needed to teach effectively in these flexible learning spaces.

Recent Publications

  • Marín VI., Carpenter JP., Tur G. and Williamson-Leadley S. (2022) Social media and data privacy in education: an international comparative study of perceptions among pre-service teachers. Journal of Computers in Education
  • Prestridge S. and Williamson-Leadley S. (2021) Conceptualising professional development in times of proliferating opportunities. Teacher Development (In press).
  • Schonfeld M., Cotnam-Kappel C., Judge M., Ntebutse J., Ng C., Williamson-Leadley S. and Yeldiz M. (2021) Living in digital environments: Cross-cultural alignment. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology (In press).
  • Sexton S. and Williamson-Leadley S. (2017) Promoting Reflexive Thinking and Adaptive Expertise Through Video Capturing to Challenge Postgraduate Student Teachers to Think, Know, Feel and Act Like a Teacher. Science Education International 28(2): 132-145.
  • Ingram N., Williamson-Leadley S. and Pratt K. (2016) Showing and telling: using tablet technology to engage students in mathematics. Mathematics Education Research Journal 28(1): 123-147.