Patrick Shepherd

Senior LecturerDr Patrick Shepherd

Rehua 517
Internal Phone: 93807

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

As an artist much of my activity revolves around the production of creative works (musical compositions) and the research underpinning these works. My pedagogic interests lie in skill acquisition for musical composition and conducting, and how synaesthesia affects the work of creative people and young people's learning experiences. As an Honorary Antarctic Fellow I also research works by creative artists who have been to the Ice and how it affects their work practices.
I particularly enjoy working with young composers and conductors and sharing these observations when working with pre-service teachers in the School of Teacher Education at the College of Education, Health and Human Development.

Recent Publications

  • Shepherd P. (2020) Antarctic Artists Weblog - Connecting Artists with Science. Author/presenter: [Blog].
  • Shepherd P. (2020) Exploring how musical compositions can reflect scientific, natural and historical phenomena as part of a broad picture of Antarctica. University of Canterbury: Southern Exposure: Antarctic Research at the University of Canterbury, 30-31 Jan 2020.
  • Shepherd P. (2020) Rehua - World New Music Days 2020. [Symphony orchestra performance].
  • Shepherd P. (2020) The natural environment of Antarctica interpreted through a range of musical compositions. Auckland: ISCM Music Ecosystmes Conference 2020, 24-25 Apr 2020.
  • Shepherd P. (2020) Winter Serenade - concert by Camerata Strings. Conductor: Chamber Recital Room, Arts Centre, University of Canterbury. [Chamber music concert].