Mahdis Azarmandi

Senior LecturerMahdis Azarmandi

Rehua R520
Internal Phone: 90129

Research Interests

My research is located at the intersections of Peace and Conflict Studies and Critical Race and Whiteness studies. I am particularly interested in questions of social justice and anti-racism. I am interested in epistemologies of ignorance and how they are reproduced within social justice movement. My work draws from intersectionality and critical race theory as well as decolonial theory.
In addition to my work on antiracism, I write on the politics of memorialization with a specific focus on colonial monuments and the violence they reproduce.

Recent Publications

  • Azarmandi M. (2020) Colonial monuments, migration and memory in (Post)colonial barcelona. RiMe Rivista dell'Istituto di Storia dell'Europa Mediterranea 7(2 Special issue): 169-202.
  • Azarmandi M. (2018) Reflexiones sobre el espacio, la solidaridad, las coaliciones y los horizontes decoloniales. Revista desde El Margen 2(1).
  • Azarmandi M. (2018) The Racial Silence within Peace Studies. Peace Review 30(1): 69-77.
  • Azarmandi M. (2017) Colonial Redux: When Re-naming Silences - Antonio Lopez y Lopez and Nelson Mandela. Borderlands E-Journal: new spaces in the humanities 16(1).
  • Azarmandi M. (2017) Koloniale Denkmäler und die Grenzen des Spanischen Antirassismus. In Zwischenraum Kollektiv (Ed.), Decolonize the City! – Zur Kolonialität der Stadt. Perspektiven, Gespräche, Aushandlungen: 88-88. Münster: Unrast.