Lia de Vocht van Alphen

Senior LecturerDr Lia de Vocht van Alphen

Programme Coordinator - GradDipECTch
Rehua 502
Internal Phone: 95814


Research Interests

Recent research interests are children's agency in early years education, open-ended education, working in partnership with parents, narrative assessment and complexity of learning. I am interested in post-structural philosophies and sociocultural pedagogies. In my PhD thesis I use Bakhtinian theories to reconceptualise teacher-child dialogue in early childhood settings. I have been involved in research with secondary students as co-researchers and socio-cultural assessment practices

Recent Publications

  • Harris L., Davis N., Cunningham U., de Vocht L., Macfarlane S., Gregory N., Aukuso S., Ova Taleni T. and Dobson J. (2018) Exploring the opportunities and challenges of the digital world for early childhood services with vulnerable children. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15(11)
  • Stover S. and de Vocht L. (2017) Assessment in Playcentre: Where has it come from? What happens now. Playcentre Journal winter(156): 20-23.
  • Mackey G. and de Vocht-van Alphen L. (2016) Teachers Explore How to Support Young Children’s Agency for Social Justice. International Journal of Early Childhood 48(3): 353-367.
  • Mackey G., Hill D. and De Vocht L. (2016) Response to the colloquium ‘The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s International Early Learning Study: Opening for debate and contestation’, by Peter Moss, Gunilla Dahlberg, Susan Grieshaber, Susanna Mantovani, Helen May, Alan Pence, Sylvie Rayna, Beth Blue Swadener and Michel Vandenbroeck, Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 17(3). Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 17(4): 447-449.
  • de Vocht L. (2015) Reconceptualising Teacher-Child Dialogue in Early Years Education as a Moral Answerability. International Journal of Early Childhood 47(2): 317-330.