Laurie McLay

Associate ProfessorDr Laurie McLay

Programme Coordinator - Specialist Teaching
Rehua 303
Internal Phone: 93522


Research Interests

My research interests include investigating the effectiveness of interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder. This includes research into preference-enhanced communication systems, treatments for sleep disturbance in children with autism, the effects of video self-modelling, and Functional Behavioural Assessment.

Recent Publications

  • Sutherland J., Carnett A., van der Meer L., Waddington H., Bravo A. and McLay L. (2018) Intensive toilet training targeting defecation for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 5(1): 87-97.
  • Zhang D., Roche L., Bartl-Pokorny KD., Krieber M., McLay L., Bölte S., Poustka L., Sigafoos J., Gugatschka M. and Einspieler C. (2018) Response to name and its value for the early detection of developmental disorders: Insights from autism spectrum disorder, Rett syndrome, and fragile X syndrome. A perspectives paper.. Res Dev Disabil 82: 95-108.
  • France KG. and McLay L. (2017) FBA for sleep with clinically complex children with autism: lessons from experienced and new clinicians. Prague, Czech Republic: World Sleep Congress 2017, 7-11 Oct 2017.
  • Lang R., McLay LK., Carnett A., Ledbetter-Cho K., Sun X. and Lancioni G. (2017) Complications and side effects associated with a lack of toileting skills. In Matson J (Ed.), Clinical Guide to Toilet Training Children: Autism and Child Psychopathology Series. New York: Springer.
  • McLay L. and Blampied NM. (2017) Toilet training: Strategies involving modeling and modifications of the physical environment.. In Matson JL (Ed.), Clinical guide to toilet training children: 143-168. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International.