John Everatt

ProfessorJohn Everatt

Rehua 409

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Interested in cognitive and linguistic aspects of literacy learning and learning disabilities.

Recent Publications

  • Fletcher J., Everatt J., Subramaniam Y. and Ma T. (2023) Perceptions about innovative and traditional learning spaces: Teachers and students in New Zealand primary schools. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies
  • Everatt J. and Denston A. (2022) Response by Everatt and Denston. European Journal of Special Needs Education 37(4): 711-713.
  • Fajrina D., Everatt J. and Sadeghi A. (2022) Rhetorical Pattern of the Indonesian EFL Undergraduate Students’ Writings. Studies in English Language and Education 9(1): 1-13.
  • Saeed A., Everatt J., Sadeghi A. and Munir A. (2022) Cognitive Predictors of Coherence in Adult ESL Learners' Writing. Journal of Language and Education 8(3): 106-118.
  • Sleeman M., Everatt J., Arrow A. and Denston A. (2022) Evaluation of the “Three Steps in Screening for Dyslexia” Assessment Protocol Designed for New Zealand Teachers. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies 57(2): 465-482.