John Everatt

ProfessorJohn Everatt

Rehua 409
Internal Phone: 93705

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Interested in cognitive and linguistic aspects of literacy learning and learning disabilities.

Recent Publications

  • Everatt J., Fletcher J. and Fickel L. (2019) School leaders’ perceptions on reading, writing and mathematics in innovative learning environments. Education 3-13 47(8): 906-919.
  • Kim HM., Schluter PJ., McNeill B., Everatt J., Sisk R., Iusitini L., Taleni LT., Tautolo ES. and Gillon G. (2019) Integrating health, education and culture in predicting Pacific children's English receptive vocabulary at 6 years: A classification tree approach. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Elbeheri G., Everatt J., Theofanides F., Mahfoudhi A. and Al Muhareb K. (2018) Attitudes of academics to special needs accommodations in Kuwait. International Journal of Inclusive Education
  • Srisang P., Fletcher J., Sadeghi A. and Everatt J. (2018) Impacts of inferential skills on reading comprehension in Thai (L1) and English (L2). Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences 5(1): 117-136.
  • Almurtaji Y., Everatt JM., Almenaye N., Alazemi AS. and Alradaan DAH. (2017) Gender and behavioural differences in Kuwait primary schools. Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties 23(2): 141-153.