Glynne Mackey

Senior LecturerGlynne Mackey

Rehua 504
Internal Phone: 93692
My research has confirmed for me that our youngest citizens are able to show us a unique perspective of our world; one we must listen to and respond.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Young children's involvement within enviro curriculum in early childhood settings.
The way in which the learning environment develops action competence.
The impact young children have on environmental issues within a community of learners.
Addressing social justice issues with young children
ESD Rating Scale for EC teachers
Sustainable Development Goals integrated into courses within teacher education programmes
The history of early childhood and infant schools in New Zealand: 1894 to 1904

Recent Publications

  • Mackey G. and Hill-Denee D. (2021) Taking Care of Our Children: 30 Years of Child Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand. International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Development: 117-130.
  • Lewis T., Fickel LC., Mackey G. and Breeze D. (2018) Informing Teaching Through Community Engagement: A New Zealand Approach. In Meidl TD; Dowell M-MS (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Service-Learning Initiatives in Teacher Education Programs: 278-298. Hershy: IGI Global.
  • Lewis T., Fickel LH., Mackey G. and Breeze D. (2018) Informing teaching through community engagement: A New Zealand approach. In Meidl T; Sulentic Dowell M-M (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Service-Learning Initiatives in Teacher Education Programs: 278-298.
  • Mackey GM. (2017) Strengthening children's agency in outdoor learning environments. In Little H; Elliott S; Wyver S (Ed.), Outdoor Learning Environments: Spaces for Exploration, Discovery and Risk-taking in the early years: 145-163. Sydney: Allen & Unwin.
  • Mackey G. (2014) Valuing agency in young children: Teachers rising to the challenge of sustainability in the Aotearoa New Zealand early childhood context. In Davis J; Elliott S (Ed.), Research in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability. International perspectives and provocations: 180-193. Abingdon: Routledge.