Glenn Fyall

LecturerGlenn Fyall

Rehua 318
Internal Phone: 93443


Research Interests

NZ Cricket - High Performance Coach Development & Pedagogy (Journal Article)
Biomechanics Curriculum Pedagogy (Journal Article)
Masters Thesis
Conference presentations

Recent Publications

  • Fyall G. and Metzler M. (2019) Aligning Critical Physical Education Teacher Education and Models-Based Practice. The Physical Educator 76(1): 24-56.
  • Bennett B. and Fyall G. (2018) Power and Control in School Rugby: A Hermeneutic Interpretation of the Pedagogical Intentions of Five Secondary School Rugby Coaches in New Zealand. Journal of Global Sport Management 3(3): 284-301.
  • Fyall G. (2017) Graduating physical education student teachers perceptions of a critically oriented HPE curriculum: (re)constructing constructivist frameworks in PETE. Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education 8(3): 211-228.
  • Fyall G. (2016) Biomechanics, the health and physical education curriculum and confucius? Considerations for teaching, learning and assessment. Curriculum Matters 12: 82-108.
  • Culpan IG., Cowan J., Fyall G., Lindsay H. and Stevens S. (2018) Secondary school physical education in New Zealand; Bridging the theory practice nexus. In Popovic S; Antala B; Bjelica D; Gardasevic J (Ed.), Physical Education in Secondary School: Researchers - Best Practice - Situation: 271-282. Bratislava: Nikšić Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of University of Montenegro.