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LecturerDr David Winter

Rehua 509
Internal Phone: 93783


Research Interests

My research interests are in science education. Particular areas of interest are health and safety in school science laboratories and the integration of ICT into science teaching and learning.

Recent Publications

  • Buabeng I., Conner L. and Winter D. (2019) Compromised Physics teaching – Assessment driven teaching.. Research in Science Education 8.
  • Winter D. and Astall C. (2019) Forensic Science Book 2: CSI Activities To Engage Learners. Invercargill: Essential Resources.
  • Buabeng I., Conner L. and Winter D. (2018) Professional development and physics teachers’ on-going learning needs. In Mahlangu V (Ed.), Reimagining New Approaches in Teacher Professional Development London: IntechOpen.
  • Astall C. and Winter D. (2017) Forensic Science. CSI Activities To Engage Learners. Book 1. Invercargill: Essential Resources Educational Publishers Limited. 68.
  • Buabeng I., Conner LN. and Winter D. (2017) High school physics teachers conceptions about teaching: The ideal versus enacted. In Proceedings of AERA 2017: 8.