Cheryl Brown

Associate ProfessorCheryl Brown

Rehua 421
Internal Phone: 92933
Continue to explore concepts of digital identity and how our online experiences influence our learning in a digital world.

Research Interests

My research interests are centred around access to ICTs and how they facilitate or inhibit students’ participation in learning. In the past few years I have looked more closely at the role technological devices (for example cell phones and tablets) play in students learning in a developing context and the development of students' digital literacy practices. I have led research projects on digital education leadership, personal mobile devices in learning and teaching and developing e-learning professionals in Africa.

Recent Publications

  • MacKenzie A., Bacalja A., Annamali D., Panaretou A., Girme P., Cutajar M., Abegglen S., Evens M., Neuhaus F. and Wilson K. (2022) Dissolving the Dichotomies Between Online and Campus-Based Teaching: a Collective Response to The Manifesto for Teaching Online (Bayne et al. 2020). Postdigital Science and Education 4(2): 271-329.
  • Luo Z., Brown C. and O’Steen B. (2021) Factors contributing to teachers’ acceptance intention of gamified learning tools in secondary schools: An exploratory study. Education and Information Technologies 26(5): 6337-6363.
  • Luo Z., O’Steen B. and Brown C. (2020) Flipped learning wheel (FLW): a framework and process design for flipped L2 writing classes. Smart Learning Environments 7(1)
  • Luo Z., O'Steen W. and Brown C. (2020) The Use of Eye-tracking Technology to Identify Visualisers and Verbalisers: Accuracy and Contributing Factors. Interactive Technology and Smart Education.
  • Baguma R., Bagarukayo E., Namubiru-Ssentamu P., Brown C. and Mayisela T. (2019) Using WhatsApp in Teaching to Develop Higher Order Thinking Skills-a Literature Review Using the Activity Theory Lens. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT) 15(2): 98-116.