Cheryl Brown

Associate ProfessorCheryl Brown

Rehua 521
Continue to explore concepts of digital identity and how our online experiences influence our learning in a digital world.


Research Interests

My research interests are centred around access to ICTs and how they facilitate or inhibit students’ participation in learning. In the past few years I have looked more closely at the role technological devices (for example cell phones and tablets) play in students learning in a developing context and the development of students' digital literacy practices. I have led research projects on digital education leadership, personal mobile devices in learning and teaching and developing e-learning professionals in Africa.

Recent Publications

  • Brown C., Huber E., Bone E., Gribble L., Lys I., Dickson-Deane C., Yu P., Markauskaite L. and Campbell C. (2023) Academic women co-designing education futures in a postdigital world. Postdigital Science and Education.
  • Forbes D., Gedera D., Brown C., Hartnett M. and Datt A. (2023) Practical learning in hybrid environments: Can remote learning be active, authentic, and real? Distance Education 44(2): 362-379.
  • Forbes D., Gedera D., Hartnett M., Datt A. and Brown C. (2023) Sustainable Strategies for Teaching and Learning Online. Sustainability 15(17): 13118-13118.
  • Gedera D., Forbes D., Brown C., Hartnett M. and Datt A. (2023) Learning during a pandemic: An activity theory analysis of the experiences of Aotearoa/New Zealand university students. Educational Technology Research and Development.
  • Hartnett M., Brown C., Forbes D., Gedera D. and Datt A. (2023) Enhanced or diminished attitudes: University students’ agency. Computers and Education 198