Ann Richardson

ProfessorAnn Richardson

Rehua 304
Internal Phone: 93520


Research Interests

Cancer Epidemiology

Recent Publications

  • Reid K., Kirk R., Barnett P., Richardson A. and Ahuriri-Driscoll A. (2019) Voices South Island Pilot Survey of Bereaved People. In Voices South Island Pilot Survey of Bereaved People, Commissioned by South Island Alliance. 1-83.
  • Richardson AK., Walker LC., Cox B., Rollag H., Robinson BA., Morrin H., Pearson JF., Potter JD., Paterson M. and Surcel HM. (2019) Breast cancer and cytomegalovirus. Clinical and Translational Oncology
  • Bagshaw P., Bagshaw S., Frampton C., Gauld R., Green T., Harris C., Hornblow A., Hudson B., Raymont A. and Richardson A. (2017) Pilot study of methods for assessing unmet secondary health care need in New Zealand. New Zealand Medical Journal 130(1452): 23-38.
  • Pearson JF., Alla S., Clarke G., Mason DF., Anderson T., Richardson A., Miller DH., Sabel CE., Abernethy DA. and Willoughby EW. (2017) Multiple Sclerosis impact on employment and income in New Zealand. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 136(3): 223-232.
  • Richardson A., Potter J., Paterson M., Harding T., Tyler-Merrick G., Kirk R., Reid K. and McChesney J. (2017) Office design and health: A systematic review. New Zealand Medical Journal 130(1467): 39-49.