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College of Education, Health and Human Development


University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 369 3333 ext: 93333

Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor 

Letitia Fickel

Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Co-Leader of the Social and Emotional Well-being Theme
Wheki 176
Internal Phone: 95796

Prof Gail Gillon

Amorangi Ako me te Hauora
Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Education, Health & Human Development
Orakipaoa 104
Internal Phone: 93491

Adele Cleveland

PA to Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Orakipaoa 103
Internal Phone: 93415

Dean's Office

Julie Mackey

Associate Professor
Dean of Education and Health
Orakipaoa 106
Internal Phone: 93419

Administrative Staff

Nicki McMillan

Student and Programme Office Team Leader (Programme Entry)
Internal Phone: 93390

Roselle Bremmers

Administration Assistant
Internal Phone: 93396

Tracey Taylor

Administrative Assistant
Internal Phone: 93420

Maddy Glen

Waimairi 205
Internal Phone: 93507

Louise Clark

Administrative Assistant
Internal Phone: 93397

Karen Campbell

Administrative Assistant
Internal Phone: 93391

Liz Jaganath

Administrative Assistant
Internal Phone: 93392

Maeve Gresham

Administrative Assistant
Internal Phone: 90236

Regional Administrators

Emma Hall

Nelson Centre
Internal Phone: 92151

Joanna Rogers

Administrative Assistant
Rotorua Centre
Internal Phone: 95776

Michelle Gibbons

Administrative Assistant
New Plymouth
New Plymouth
Internal Phone: 92321

Student Advisors

For programme enquiries please contact the student advisors on To arrange an appointment please phone 03 369 3333. Appointments can be face to face or by phone.

Lynette Magson

Student Advisor
Ōrakipaoa 116
Internal Phone: 93333

Gemma Harte

Student Advisor
Ōrakipaoa 117
Internal Phone: 93333

Kirsty Fraser

Student Advisor
Ōrakipaoa 118
Internal Phone: 93333

Academic Management

Sarah Petersen

Academic Manager
Internal Phone: 93566

Tamara Kirwan

Maori Education Support Co-ordinator
Solway Ave
Internal Phone: 95988

Tufulasi Taleni

Kaiarahi Pasifika
Wheki 120A
Internal Phone: 93389

Elizabeth Brown

Amokapua Māori
Assistant Vice-Chancellor Māori
Te Ao Marama 201A
Internal Phone: 94319

Centre for Professional Practice & Partnerships

Lynda Boyd

Manager – Centre for Professional Practice & Partnerships
Ōrakipaoa 119

Selai Nakaroti

Professional Practice Administrator (Primary)
Internal Phone: 93410

Janet Perry

Professional Practice Administrator (Secondary)
Internal Phone: 93411

Kylie Boyd

Internal Phone: 93413

International Short Courses

Tony Baird

International Relations Manager
Wheki 252
Internal Phone: 92086

Marketing and Communications

Traci Stanbury

Web Co-ordinator
Orakipaoa 135
Internal Phone: 93503

Nick Maitland

Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator
Orakipaoa 135
Internal Phone: 93484


Simon Arnold

Finance Manager
Ōrakipaoa 112
Internal Phone: 93771

Karen Clancy

On secondment until August 2019
Internal Phone: 93408

HR and Project Management

Anna Houkamau

Project Manager
Orakipaoa 133
Internal Phone: 93414

Polly Miller

Senior Human Resources Advisor
Orakipaoa 133
Internal Phone: 93418

Mary-Anne Miller

HR Advisor
Henry Field Library, Dovedale Campus
Internal Phone: 93025

Dr Susie Stevens

Project Manager
UC Child Well-being Research Institute
Internal Phone: 90160

Dr Amy Scott

Project Manager A Better Start - Literacy and Learning
Orakipaoa 108
Internal Phone: 93980