Education in action

Why study a BA in Education?

Everyone has an opinion about education, but students of the discipline gain indepth knowledge based on extensive research.

Get started with EDUC101

Our core first-year course explores the mechanisms and politics of learning from both individual and systemic perspectives.

Angie Petty's BA internship placement

Olympian and Education student Angie says her favourite course allowed her to put theory into practice at a kindergarten.

Netsy Habte's BA internship placement

Netsy helped migrants adjust to life in New Zealand while gaining some unexpected insights into how learning works.

Katie Barlow's BA internship placement

Gaining practical experience and improving the learning outcomes of local school students gave Katie certainty about her career.

April Heath and Kiri Seaward - BA interns

Their Ngai Tahu internship pushed April and Kiri to their physical limits and provided a life-changing sense of connection and direction.

Equity and Belonging for Māori secondary students

Presented by Associate Professor Mere Berryman from the University of Waikato.

Inclusion in an excluding world

Presented by Senior Scholar Award winner Emeritus Professor Keith Ballard, from the University of Otago.

Teaching Tom

Associate Professor Umesh Sharma from Monash University, Australia, investigator in the Pacific Indicators for Disability Inclusive Education Project.

Sexuality Education Symposium 2018 Keynote presentation

Sexuality Education Beyond the Classroom and Beyond Intervention: Lessons from The Beyond Bullying Project (Associate Professor Jen Gilbert, York University, Toronto, Canada, Professor Jessica Fields, San Francisco State University, USA)

Sexuality Education Symposium 2018 panel discussion

State of the Art: New Directions in Sexuality Education Keynote Panel Presentation

Working with affect in qualitative research

Presented by UC's Associate Professor Kathleen Quinlivan, Dr Lois Tonkin and Shanee Barraclough, and Auckland's Professor Margaret Wetherell.

Youth and (DIS) Engagement in Education

Contributors at the 2015 Symposium on Education, Social Justice and Community Engagment discuss and critique engagement in education.

Supporting sex, gender and sexuality diversity in schools

This seminar explores the Inside Out - We All Belong initiative, which supports sex, gender, and sexuality diversity among young people.

Sexualization of childhood series

This interdisciplinary seminar series brings together a diverse range of panellists from the health and education sectors.

Learning sexualities at school

Local students join UC's Kathleen Quinlivan and Auckland's Katie Fitzpatrick to discuss the new sexuality education curriculum.       

Teaching for the future

Professor Lindsey Conner explores recent trends in education internationally, including OECD project findings.

Youth and (DIS) engagement in education

Part two of the 2015 Symposium on Education, Social Justice and Community Engagment.


Schooling the flesh: The body, pedagogy and inequalities

Professor Antonia Darder from Loyola Marymount University addresses classroom politics.

Lessons from adult and community education

Robert Tobias reviews the history of adult and community education since the 1970s.

Inclusive pedagogy: Learning with and from teachers

Dr Kristine Black-Hawkins, from Cambridge University, explores ways to bridge the theory-practice gap.

Shatter not the branches of the tree of anger

Professor Susan Gabel illustrates the ways in which discourses of inclusion can silence mothers of children with disabilities.

Shaping inclusive education in Mexico and Latin America

Professor Todd Fletcher, from the University of Arizona, examines inclusive education in Latin America.

25 years of the New Right in New Zealand

Liz Gordon examines the effects of social inequality on different groups and on society as whole.

What if ... education included community participation?

Associate Professor Billy O’Steen asks who is responsible for educating students to be active participants in their communities.


What if ... neuroscience could change education?

Dr Anna Wilson explores the role of neuroscience in education and the latest findings in the educational neuroscience field.