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The aim of the Tuia Mai- IPID  Group is to develop and support a community of scholars with a shared interest in conducting, promoting and disseminating research into inclusion and diversity both in relation to education but also more broadly conceived with respect to wider social issues including those of health and well-being. Tuia Mai- IPID has membership from across the UC College of Education, Health and Human Development. Researchers in the group bring both breadth of professional experiences and depth of theoretical backgrounds to their research in inclusion and diversity which they approach from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives including education, sociology, health, sport, educational psychology, disability studies, gender and sexuality studies, policy studies and philosophy of education. In keeping with its ethos, Tuia Mai welcomes scholars from any field who have an interest in inclusion and diversity.


Dr Trish McMenamin

Senior Lecturer
Rehua 518
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Online Videos

Understanding Inclusive Pedagogy: Learning with and from Teachers

Presented by Dr Kristine Black-Hawkins, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge 
31 August, 2015 

Numerous studies indicate that whilst the majority of teachers are highly committed to the principles of inclusive education, they are anxious about working with classes that comprise an increasingly diverse range of learners. Such findings not only have serious consequences for teachers and learners, they also present substantial challenges to those of us who research inclusive classroom practices. What should be the focus of our work? How can we contribute to a greater understanding of classroom practices that recognise and respond to the individual differences of all learners, but do not marginalise or stigmatise some because of their particular needs? Significantly, how can our findings be made worthwhile and useful for teachers in ways that take careful account of the demands of classroom life? In this lecture I draw on recent studies of inclusive pedagogy that have aimed to bridge this 'theory-practice gap', by learning with and from teachers, and in ways that adopted an 'open and exploratory approach based on a deep respect for the work that teachers do' (McIntyre 2009).

Shatter not the branches of the tree of anger

Presented by Professor Susan L. Gabel
11 August, 2015
In this presentation Susan uses feminist philosophies of mothering to understand “motherwork” in the context of raising disabled children. Using examples from her personal and professional life, she illustrates the ways in which discourses of inclusion can silence mothers who are socially positioned as marginal and who bear the weight of their children’s oppression. She argues that ethically speaking mothers are authorized to speak for their children and to speak about inclusion.

A Semi-Northern Perspective on the Development of Inclusive Education in Mexico and Latin America

Presented by Professor Todd Fletcher
6 March, 2015
Prof Todd Fletcher is a Distinguished Outreach Professor in the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies in the College of Education, Health and Human Development at the University of Arizona where he coordinates the graduate program in bilingual/multilingual special education. His  research interests and scholarly writing focus on culturally responsive educational practices for diverse learners in the U.S. and educational reform, special education policy and inclusive education practices in Latin America, and in particular, Mexico. He is co-editor of the book Educating Children with Disabilities and Their Families: Blending US and Mexican Perspectives.

Current PhD Candidates


Liana AisyahMaking science accessible to students with disabilities: perspectives and lived experience of Indonesian science teachers in inclusive and special education settings

Hana SaemonEducational Meritocracy in Perspective: Through the Eyes of "Low-stream" Graduates

Eurica ThapaThe influence of international development organisations in education development in Nepal: The educational aid relationship between Nepal and New Zealand

Yaw AkotoThe experiences and perceptions of students with disabilities in a Ghanian University

Helen MataitiThe practice of coaching in early intervention settings, in Aotearoa New Zealand


Recently Completed


Dr Muhammed RahamanInclusive Education Aspirations: Exploration of Policy and Practice in Bangladesh Secondary Schools

Dr Anne-Marie McIlroyTransforming notions of disability: The impact of narrative assessment

Dr Mukti Prakash Thapaliya - Moving towards inclusive education: How inclusive education is understood, experienced and enacted in one Nepalese primary school

Dr Mahbub Rahaman - The Global Policies of Inclusive Education and Inclusive Education Practice for Students with Disabilities at Secondary School in Bangladesh

Dr Mel Wong - Social construction of giftedness

Dr Tracy DaymanInclusive pedagogy: moving beyond thought and into practice, the potential of Initial Teacher Education – a case study

Dr William Eulatth VidalA Qualitative Study of International Students’ Perspectives on Factors Influencing Success or Failure in University

Dr Costrie Widayanti Social inclusion of students with learning disabilities in Indonesia

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Dr Trish McMenamin

Senior Lecturer
Rehua 518
Internal Phone: 95572

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