Health Services Assessment Collaboration (HSAC)

Health Services Assessment Collaboration (HSAC) is a research initiative located within the School of Health Sciences at the University of Canterbury. Its collaborative partner, Health Technology Analysts, is a health technology assessment company based in Sydney, Australia.

HSAC’s purpose is to assist New Zealand health and disability services by identifying and analysing evidence-based information on both effective and ineffective health care and technology. It undertakes a variety of health technology assessments associated activities and functions for the Ministry of Health. This includes systematic reviews, systematic review updates, technical briefs, horizon scanning and economic evaluations. HSAC staff also contribute to methodological developments in the field of health technology assessment.

HSAC staff have expertise in the areas of health technology assessment, epidemiology, health economics, health services evaluation, medicine and public health. This collaborative group includes researchers, health economists, statisticians, medical advisors and administrators.

HSAC’s publications are disseminated as hard and electronic copies to their clients but are also freely available to the wider community from its website portal,

International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA)

INAHTA's mission is to provide a forum for the identification and pursuit of interests common to health technology assessment agencies.
Guy Maddern (ASERNIP-S, Australia) Chair of INAHTA

The Network aims to:

  • Accelerate exchange and collaboration among agencies
  • Promote information sharing and comparison
  • Prevent unnecessary duplication of activities.

HSAC is one of 57 member agencies from 32 countries. Membership is open to any organisation which:

  • Assesses technology in health care
  • Is a non-profit organization
  • Relates to a regional or national government
  • Is funded at least 50% by public sources
  • Provide free access to their reports upon request.

Visit the INAHTA website.

Health Services Assessment Collaboration (HSAC)

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