The Goodnights Team

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The Good Nights Programme is delivered by a team of researchers, clinicians, and post-graduate students at the University of Canterbury. The clinical service is delivered within the Pukemanu Centre Clinic

Associate Professor Laurie McLay, Programme Director

Laurie McLay is an Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Canterbury, and director of the Good Nights Programme. Ass/Prof. McLay has decades of experience working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. Over the past 8 years she has primarily focused her research on the assessment and treatment of sleep problems in children with ASD.

Dr Laurie McLay

Associate Professor
Rehua 303
Internal Phone: 93522

Associate Professor Karyn France

Karyn France is an associate professor in Child and Family Psychology and a registered clinical psychologist.  Her career has entailed extensive clinical work with parents and children and has focussed on supporting parents with behavioural family interventions.  A/Prof France’s research programme has spanned several decades and yielded numerous publications and presentations. She has earned an international reputation for her work on interventions for sleep problems in children of all ages and many presentations.

Karyn France

Associate Professor
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Internal Phone: 93990

Professor Neville Blampied

Professor Neville Blampied has been a staff member at the University of Canterbury for 50 years. A core part of his research for more than 30 years has been the investigation of sleep problems in infants, especially the development and testing of innovative family interventions based on social learning and behavioural principles. In addition, he has developed an international reputation for his theoretical work on single-case research designs, which have been widely used by students and colleagues in his applied research. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles/chapters and has supervised 130+ theses, dissertations, and research projects.

Neville Blampied

Emeritus Professor
Psychology 469
Internal Phone: 94385

In addition to academic staff, the Good Nights Programme includes a number of highly skilled registered psychologists, registered intern psychologists, Masters, and PhD students.