The Gathering 2018 - "Seeds of Citizenship"

04 May 2018

On Saturday 9th June Early Childhood teachers from around Canterbury will gather to discuss how they can support new generations for a more just and sustainable future.

  • Early Childhood The Gathering

The Gathering aims to promote enquiry that expands opportunities for children in their early years to reach their full potential. Such enquiry is founded on respect for the rights, dignity, worth, and views of children. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a foundation document for the activities of the group.

Saturday 9th June 2018

Presenter:  Associate Professor Bronwyn Hayward

Bronwyn works at the University of Canterbury and is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations as well as Director of The Sustainable Citizenship and Civic Imagination Research group. Her research focuses on the intersection of sustainable development, youth politics and democracy.  She is recognised internationally and has published widely.   One of her recent publications of relevance to teachers is ‘Children, Citizenship and Environment’ (Routledge, 2012).

Keynote:  How can Early Childhood teachers support new generations for a more just and sustainable future?

Children born today are will experience a very different world from their parents and grandparents.  We talk often of technological change but the environmental, social and democratic changes that face a new generation are significant and far reaching. We cannot know what the world these children will experience but we can anticipate some changes now. We know for example that increased disruptive weather events associated with climate change are likely to directly affect children’s lives, interrupting their home and education and future work; they are also more likely to grow up in diverse ethnic communities that offer both new exciting opportunities and difficult challenges including how to maintain values of social inclusion and democracy in a world of growing inequality. Educators have a powerful role to help our youngest citizens to develop the SEEDS of knowledge that can support values, relationships and skills they will need for a more sustainable and just future.

There will be interactive activities via a workshop format to help make “Seeds of Citizenship” an embodied experience.


$40.00 per attendee or $20.00 per student (with ID): includes all sessions, morning tea and lunch. Attendance certificates are available after the event. Please include payment with registration. Registration closes 5.00 pm 1 June 2018.  Catering numbers are needed by this date). Numbers are limited.

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