More school children should learn sign language

10 May 2013

A University of Canterbury lecturer wants more New Zealand school children to learn sign language.

UC researches link between surgery and pneumonia

06 May 2013

A University of Canterbury researcher is seeking to better understand the relationship between the drugs given during surgery and post-surgical chest infection.

Link between strokes and pneumonia

26 April 2013

Around 6000 New Zealanders suffer strokes each year and a University of Canterbury researcher is trying to find out why many of them develop life-threatening pneumonia.

UC researcher looking at workplace bullying

11 April 2013

Bullying is occurring in the New Zealand workforce and a UC health researcher believes the prevalence of bullying will be similar to that experienced in Australia.

What if health statistics were not as they seem?

08 April 2013

A University of Canterbury health academic says health statistics may not always be what they seem.

Spinal cord injuries research a world first

27 September 2012

A UC PhD student is carrying out world first research on spinal cord injuries using the Feldenkrais method to provide people with a chance to recover movement and stability.

New Health Sciences degree for 2013

08 August 2012

A fresh new health science degree course at the University of Canterbury next year will help address the increasing shortfall in the New Zealand health non-clinical workforce.

UC NEWS logo

07 March 2012

Creating a culture of care in the classroom could be the key to improving student achievement in schools.

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