Tufulasi Taleni

Kaiarahi PasifikaTufulasi Taleni

Rehua Level 5
Internal Phone: 93389


In his role as Kai-arahi Pasifika, Tufulasi:

  • contributes to developments in Initial Teacher Education programmes
  • drives strategic outputs for Pasifika and encourage Pasifika knowledge, learning content and contexts
  • fosters and enhances the relationship with the Pasifika community
  • promotes Pasifika Education and achievements throughout the College of Education, Health and Human Development, UC and wider educational community.

Saili Matagi - Teachers Navigating Pasifika Experience

‘Saili Matagi’ (‘seeking the winds’) is designed to support school leaders and teachers of Pasifika learners as they reflect on the theme of culturally responsive practice. At the heart of this DVD is a commitment to the pedagogical principle: ‘in order to teach you, I must know you’. When we make the effort to learn more about our Pasifika students’ identities, languages and cultural values we discover the rich funds of knowledge and cultural capital that they bring to their learning and to our classrooms. With this knowledge and understanding, teachers and school leaders can competently and confidently develop practices, strategies and programmes that will enhance Pasifika student engagement and achievement. As we engage in this process, teaching and learning become reciprocal acts, the embodiment of ‘ako’.

This resource includes a DVD and an information booklet which outlines key concepts from the DVD and poses questions for reflection and discussion. The booklet, DVD and eco-friendly cardboard sleeve are all printed in full colour.

How to order

Download a printable order form for this DVD and return it to Tufulasi Taleni - Kaiarahi Pasifika, with payment (details on form).

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