Stuart Wise

Associate Dean - InternationalDr Stuart Wise

Rehua 517
Internal Phone: 94142
I have an experiential teaching philosophy which is located in a socio-cultural epistemology where students learn by doing in an inclusive context.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I am interested in the use of a range of digital technologies in the secondary music classroom. Of particular interest is how new developments in software such as looping and sequencing software may be changing teaching strategies. Connected with this is an ongoing exploration of the range of pedagogical strategies teachers are using that incorporate digital technology whilst navigating their way through a curriculum that encourages musics of many styles and genres.
I am also interested in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) with a focus on how we work to prepare beginning teachers for the challenges of working with young people in the 21st century. As part of this inquiry I am interested in looking at the concept of curriculum in the 21st century and what and how we teach young people to ensure cultural competency, inclusion, resilience and a desire to become a lifelong learners.

Recent Publications

  • Rana K., Greenwood J., Fox-Turnbull W. and Wise S. (2019) Challenges in accessing fieldwork in rural Himalayas: An emerging researcher’s experiences. Waikato Journal of Education 24(1): 67-77.
  • Rana K., Greenwood J., Fox-Turnbull W. and Wise S. (2018) A shift from traditional pedagogy in Nepali Rural Primary Schools? Rural teachers' capacity to reflect ICT policy in their practice. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology 14(3): 149-166.
  • Wise S. (2016) Secondary school teachers' approaches to teaching composition using digital technology. British Journal of Music Education 33(3): 283-295.
  • Wise SL. (2013) Students' Perceptions of Digital Technology in Music Education. Tehnologii Informatice si de Comunicatie în Domeniul Muzical - ICT in Musical Field 4(1): 17-31.
  • Wise S., Greenwood J. and Davis N. (2011) Teachers' Use of Digital Technology in Secondary Music Education: Illustrations of Changing Classrooms. British Journal of Music Education 28(2): 117-134.