Shanee Barraclough

Programme Coordinator - CounsellingDr Shanee Barraclough

Rehua 312
Internal Phone: 93532
I am committed to pursuing more equitable, socially just and liveable worlds through educating counsellors to make a difference in diverse contexts.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My teaching and research are in the field of counselling and counsellor education. I explore emerging counsellor identities, pedagogy of counsellor education, and social constructionist and post-structural approaches to counselling, including Solution-focused Brief Therapy. I take a critical approach to research with an interest in the relationship between material, social, and cultural realities and individual experience and agency. I draw on feminist, qualitative, arts based and critical posthumanist research methodologies.

Prior to working at the University of Canterbury I have worked as a Psychologist and Counsellor, in New Zealand and the UK, mainly with children and families experiencing domestic violence, trauma, and the effects of the Canterbury earthquake sequence.

Recent Publications

  • Malott K., Yee T. and Barraclough S. (2020) Should we eradicate the DSM?: A case for decolonizing diagnosis.. Pennsylvania, USA: 52nd Annual Pennsylvania Counseling Association Conference., 2-4 Oct 2020.
  • Barraclough S. (2019) Emergent listening as pedagogical inspiration in a posthumanist counsellor education pedagogy. Christchurch: NZARE, 18-20 Nov 2019.
  • Barraclough S., Miller J., Dick N., Vivian-Neal C. and Phipps D. (2019) Miracles, creative methods and complimenting sequences: Master of Counselling students present findings from practice-based research.. Christchurch, NZ: Australasian Association of Solution-focused Brief Therapy, 21-24 Nov 2019.
  • Malott K., Barraclough S. and Ahuriri-Driscoll A. (2019) Changing the System: Developing Counsellors’ Critical Consciousness. Belfast, Ireland: Let the Voices be Heard: An International Conversation on Counselling, Psychotherapy and Social Justice, 10-12 Oct 2019.
  • Barraclough S. (2018) The hauntological nature of tears.