Nicola Surtees

Senior LecturerDr Nicola Surtees

Rehua 506
Internal Phone: 95624

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on diverse family relationships and forms of relatedness, particularly in the context of assisted conception. I am also interested in gender, sexualities, heteronormativity, social justice and inclusion in early childhood education.

Recent Publications

  • Surtees N. and Bremner P. (2020) Gay and Lesbian Collaborative Co-Parenting in New Zealand and the United Kingdom: ‘The Law Doesn’t Protect the Third Parent’. Social and Legal Studies 29(4): 507-526.
  • Gunn AC. and Surtees N. (2019) “Go NZ YAS!!”: Children’s news media texts as curriculum resources in Aotearoa New Zealand. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 20(4): 337-349.
  • Osgood J., Robinson KH., Díaz CJ., Andersen CE., Pérez MS., Gunn AC. and Surtees N. (2019) Revisiting diversity and difference in early childhood through children’s news media. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 20(4): 319-323.
  • Kelly J. and Surtees N. (2013) We are a family: Legal issues for lesbian and gay parented families in New Zealand. Plymouth Law and Criminal Justice Review 5(1): 39-49.
  • Gunn AC. and Surtees N. (2011) Matching parents' efforts: How teachers can resist heteronormativity in early education settings. Early Childhood Folio 15(1): 27-31.