Lisa Emerson

Senior LecturerLisa Emerson

Rehua 305
Internal Phone: 90175

Research Interests

My research and clinical interests converge on the area of child and family wellbeing. Through my research I aim to contribute to our understanding of how systems (e.g. family and school) contribute to child wellbeing and mental health. From a positive psychology perspective, I am interested in the implementation and effectiveness of mindfulness-based approaches in supporting the systems around the child - including mindful parenting, and mindfulness in schools.

Current projects include mindful parenting for childhood anxiety, childhood psoriasis, and children on the autism spectrum; and mindfulness to improve self-regulation in primary school students.

Recent Publications

  • Emerson LM., Biesters J., de Bruin E. and Bögels S. (2021) The Distinguishing Characteristics of Parents Seeking a Mindful Parenting Intervention in Child Mental Health Care. Journal of Child and Family Studies
  • Stevenson JC., Millings A., Emerson LM., Sirois F. and Rowe AC. (2021) Adult attachment and Mindfulness: Examining directionality, causality, and theoretical implications. Journal of Research in Personality 90
  • Adams D. and Emerson LM. (2020) Family accommodation of anxiety in a community sample of children on the autism spectrum. Journal of Anxiety Disorders 70
  • Adams D. and Emerson LM. (2020) The Impact of Anxiety in Children on the Autism Spectrum. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
  • Emerson LM., de Diaz NN., Sherwood A., Waters A. and Farrell L. (2020) Mindfulness interventions in schools: Integrity and feasibility of implementation. International Journal of Behavioral Development 44(1): 62-75.