Kerry Vincent

Senior LecturerDr Kerry Vincent

Rehua 518
Internal Phone: 90350


Research Interests

Past roles have included classroom teacher, educational psychologist and university researcher. These have left me with a broad range of educational interests but they all centre on my passion for social justice and include:
• Inclusion/exclusion (how learning environments, schools and classrooms can be organized and managed so as to enhance the learning and well-being of all students)
• Learner ‘differences’ and how these are conceptualized and responded to within educational institutions. Particular interests include those related to gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality.
• Mental health and well-being and issues associated with ‘at-risk’ youth (truancy, exclusion, substance abuse, self-harming)
• Supporting pupils who are identified as having social, emotional or behavioural difficulties and those who are identified as having learning and/or developmental difficulties
• Teenage pregnancy, adolescent sexuality, and sex and relationship education
My doctoral research explored the educational inclusion/exclusion of pregnant and mothering schoolgirls.

Recent Publications

  • Vincent KA. (2012) Teenage Pregnancy, Motherhood and Education: Dealing with Difference. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham.
  • Osler A. and Vincent K. (2003) Girls and Exclusion Rethinking the Agenda. Psychology Press. 201.
  • Gripton C. and Vincent K. (2021) Using small world toys for research: a method for gaining insight into children’s lived experiences of school. International Journal of Research & Method in Education 44(3): 225-240.
  • Sotardi V., Surtees N., Vincent K. and Johnston H. (2021) Belonging and Adjustment for LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ Students during the Social Transition to University Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.
  • Sotardi VA., Surtees N., Vincent K. and Johnston H. (2021) Belonging and adjustment for LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ students during the social transition to university.. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education