Kay-Lee Jones

LecturerKay-Lee Jones

Programme Coordinator: Aumiri Pounamu
Rehua Level 5
Internal Phone: 95840
My research aims work towards the betterment of our communities, particularly Māori communities and also Māori achieving and thriving as Māori.


Research Interests

My research interests include Māori education, Bilingual education, language revitalisation, kaupapa Māori research methodologies, Pūrākau methodology, Indigenous pedagogies, Indigenous Education and raMātauranga Māori.

Recent Publications

  • Gillon G., Macfarlane A., Taleni T. and Jones K.(2021) Child Wellbeing Research: Better Start Literacy Approach, Teacher Panel Discussion Kaupapa Māori. interviewee: Commissioned by Child Wellbeing Research Centre. [Video- inteviewee].
  • Jones K. and Tolbert S. (2021) ducating for/with People and Place: Local Indigenous Knowledges and Science as Praxis: Mātauranga Māori Initial Teacher Education Oral Presentation. Zoom: Online: ducating for/with People and Place: Local Indigenous Knowledges and Science as Praxis, 23 Apr 2021.
  • Jones K-L., Fickel L., King J., Torepe T., Fletcher J. and Macfarlane S. (2021) Teachers and stakeholders’ perceptions about Māori partial immersion environments contribution to Kaupapa Māori (Māori medium) education. Set: Research information for teachers (1): 3-11. http://dx.doi.org/10.18296/set.1.2021.
  • Jones K. (2020) Wairarapa Maths Day Oral Presentation: Mana in Maths. .
  • Jones K. and Lee K. (2020) Stuff Newspaper Article: Teacher on spreading a love of te reo Māori. stuff.co.nz: Stuff. [Newspaper Article (I was interviewed) https://www.stuff.co.nz/pou-tiaki/te-reo-maori/122707939/teacher-on-spreading-a-love-of-te-reo-mori].


Kay-Lee has worked as a primary school teacher in a number of Māori medium settings throughout Christchurch from Yr1- Yr8. She began her career in education by teaching high school students te reo Māori from junior to NCEA level. Kay-Lee Jones’s last teaching role in the primary school setting was as a Yr 6-8 kaiako of a L2 immersion room, this role was combination with her deputy principal position.  Kay-Lee completed a Master of Education this year and looks forward to starting work towards her doctorate.