John Everatt

ProfessorJohn Everatt

Rehua 409
Internal Phone: 93705

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Interested in cognitive and linguistic aspects of literacy learning and learning disabilities.

Recent Publications

  • Everatt J. and Denston A. (2021) Response by Everatt and Denston. European Journal of Special Needs Education
  • Fajrina D., Everatt J. and Sadeghi A. (2021) Writing Strategies Used by Indonesian EFL Students with Different English Proficiency. Language Teaching Research Quarterly 21: 1-15.
  • Fletcher J. and Everatt J. (2021) Innovative learning environments in New Zealand: Student teachers’ perceptions. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies Special Edition on Learning Environments: 1-21.
  • Fletcher J., Klopsch B., Everatt J. and Sliwka A. (2021) Preparing student teachers post-pandemic: lessons learnt from principals and teachers in New Zealand and Germany. Educational Review (Special Edition)
  • Srisang P. and Everatt J. (2021) Lower and higher level comprehension skills of undergraduate efl learners and their reading comprehension. LEARN Journal: Language Education and Acquisition Research Network 14(1): 427-454.