John Everatt

ProfessorJohn Everatt

Rehua 409
Internal Phone: 93705

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Interested in cognitive and linguistic aspects of literacy learning and learning disabilities.

Recent Publications

  • Elbeheri G., Everatt J., Theofanides F., Mahfoudhi A. and Al Muhareb K. (2020) Attitudes of academics to special needs accommodations in Kuwait. International Journal of Inclusive Education 24(10): 1035-1049.
  • Fletcher J., Everatt J., Mackey J. and Fickel LH. (2020) Digital Technologies and Innovative Learning Environments in Schooling: A New Zealand Experience. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies 2020(55): 91-112.
  • Kim HM., McNeill B., Everatt J., Taleni LT., Tautolo ES., Gillon G. and Schluter PJ. (2020) Perceptions of Pacific children's academic performance at age 6 years: A multiinformant agreement study. PLoS ONE 15(10 October)
  • Everatt J. and Fletcher J. (2019) Children with learning difficulties and the move to Innovative Learning Environments. Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences 6(1): 49-73.
  • Everatt J., Fletcher J. and Fickel L. (2019) School leaders’ perceptions on reading, writing and mathematics in innovative learning environments. Education 3-13 47(8): 906-919.