Jenny Clarke

Senior LecturerDr Jenny Clarke

Rehua 301
Internal Phone: 93448


Research Interests

Research interest includes movement analysis using 3D BTS analysis systems and video. Basic data analysis using SPSS - social science and sport science data. General sport science aspects around technology for performance appraisal, improvement and benchmarking results.
Other research interests include topics in elementary particle physics theory and collider experiments (LHC, CMS, BaBar)

Recent Publications

  • Clarke C. and Clarke JC. (2019) Supershots and Third Turn Breaks. In Trimmer P (Ed.), Beyond Expert Croquet Tactics London: The Croquet Association (UK).
  • Clarke JC. (2018) Motor Skill Development and Physical Activity. In Draper N; Stratton G (Ed.), Physical Activity: A Multi-Disciplinary Introduction Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Clarke JC. and Light RL. (2017) Croquet. In Light RL (Ed.), Positive pedagogy for sport coaching: Athlete-centred coaching for individual sports: 95-101. Oxford: Routledge.
  • Cushman P. and Clark J. (2013) Masculinities and Femininities: Student-Teachers' Changing Perceptions of Gender Advantages and Disadvantages in the New Zealand Primary School Environment. In Aston JM; Vasquez E (Ed.), Masculinity and Femininity: Stereotypes/Myths, Psychology and Role of Culture: 1-24. Hauppauge: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Alshdokhi K., Petersen C. and Clarke J. (2021) Effect of 3 weeks of combined resisted and assisted in-water training on adolescent sprint backstroke swimming. Human Movement.