Ian Bowell

Lecturer (Teaching and Admin Only)Ian Bowell

Campus Co-ordinator
Internal Phone: 95372


Research Interests

Drawing upon theories of ‘situated learning’, ‘place-based education’ and ‘collaborative teacher communities’ my research examines the links between teaching and learning and student engagement in community led initiatives, especially community arts programmes.

Recent Publications

  • Bowell I. (2019) Community engagement eases complex challenges faced by teachers.. Porto,Portugal.: 8th International Congress on Education and Learning. University of Porto., 19-21 Jun 2019.
  • Bowell I. (2019) Engagement with the community supports teaching and leaning.. University of Canterbury: NZARE 2019 Conference, 17-20 Nov 2019.
  • Bowell I. (2019) 'It looks like a tornado, now it looks like a cowboy hat': Community Arts and diverse learners.. Australian Art Educatiom 40(2), 2019: 293-306.
  • Bowell I. (2019) Supporting Visual Art Teaching in Primary Schools. Australian Art Education (40(2), 2019): 277-292.
  • Bowell IE. (2016) Works in Progress: Exhibition of recent paintings and sculpture. Creator: Refinery Artspace, Nelson. 7-25 Jun 2016. [Painting; sculpture].


With experience in pre-service and in-service teacher education, Ian has a background in visual art education in both the primary and secondary sectors. Ian is also a practicing artist and has exhibited work in New Zealand and the UK.


Current research interest is the relationship between Museum and Gallery education and schools, investigating the link between student achievement and engagement following a Museum or Gallery LEOTC visit. Recently completed research projects have highlighted the importance of ‘place-based education’ and ‘situated learning’ in engaging students and enhancing learning.

Key Methodologies

  • Comparative case study
  • Action research
  • Qualitative research

Subject Area: Disciplines

  • Teacher Education (Primary)
  • Visual art education